September 1 2014

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They Were Excited, They Didn’t Hide It


Pedro Almodovar and the cast of "I'm So Excited"

The Sunshine Cinema theater on Houston was filled with laughs last night during The Cinema Society’s screening of Pedro Almodóvar’s latest bawdy comedy, I’m So Excited. The film is about a plane whose faulty landing gear spells impending doom for everyone on board. After a handful of business-class passengers conspire with the crew to ease “economy-class syndrome” by drugging everyone in coach, a ribald comedy of errors ensues. But what people enjoyed about the film wasn’t the salacious anything-goes humor, but rather the subtle satirical jabs the film takes at pop culture, the Spanish government, and, of course, plane travel. “Almodóvar is totally creative and outrageous, and takes chances nobody else does,” said Cecilia Dean. And she would know—the director has contributed to Visionaire many times over the years.

Unfortunately, Almodóvar had a bit of a sore throat and could not give interviews, but what the Spanish director could not say himself was made up for by praises from guests at the No. 8 after-party. Marc Jacobs, with boyfriend Harry Louis in tow, said that maybe some Spanish, Almodóvarian inspiration could be coming down the runway soon. “I love everything about him. He’s so funny, clever, and smart—a perfect director, with great vision.”

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/