August 20 2014

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Roller Girl


Irene Neuwirth has cultivated a certain breed of bohemian luxe with her eponymous fine-jewelry line. But the L.A.-based designer, who’s up for the 2013 Swarovski/CFDA Accessories Award, wanted to bring out her collection’s more playful side. And with This is It—a quirky fashion film by Poppy De Villeneuve and Alex Braverman—she does just that. “I think sometimes my brand can be a bit serious—the jewelry is a serious acquisition, and the price point isn’t approachable for everyone. So I wanted to do something that had a fun, youthful feel, something that would speak to my friends and our clients.”

Set in an old-school roller rink in New Jersey, the film, which debuts exclusively below, definitely evokes some childhood nostalgia. And, as far as “fun” goes, the short’s star —Mad Men and Community actress Alison Brie —looks like she’s having quite a bit of it while gliding around in Neuwirth’s vibrant new wares. “I feel like she’s perfect because she gorgeous and she has an incredible sense of humor, these big bright eyes, and a really fresh smile,” said Neuwirth of her leading lady, who was styled by Jeananne Williams. The pair met through Neuwirth’s boyfriend, Phil Lord —Brie has a role in his upcoming film, The Lego Movie.

The supporting cast is nothing to scoff at, either. Members of the electro-pop trio Au Revoir Simone make an appearance (they’re also responsible for the music). And Brie’s on-screen love interest is none other than the lead singer of We Are Scientists, Keith Murray. “He was like a pro roller skater, by the way,” said Neuwirth. The designer makes a cameo, too, but she insists that her skating skills are a little shaky. “I had every birthday at a roller-skating rink when I was a kid. But until this film, I hadn’t been on roller skates for twenty years,” she said. “I’m the biggest klutz. But I was able to stay up. And it was so much fun.”

Poppy De Villeneuve Snaps Indie Fans, But She’ll Take Ravel


Photographer Poppy de Villeneuve spends her share of time behind velvet ropes, but for a recent project, she embraced a wider scene—the more-the-merrier free-for-for-all that is Indio, California’s outdoor Coachella music festival. Photos from her series You Are Everywhere go on view today at Colette as part of the new Music Loves You exhibition, alongside photos by Lenny Kravitz, Beck, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner. (The next edition of the annual festival, meanwhile, begins later this month in California.) spoke to de Villeneuve about fandom, fashion, and (really!) fish.

How do you think this project relates to your other work?
I’ve always been interested in the ways that people interact with each other when they don’t know that they are being watched. My work has always related to small details. I find small, ordinary details wonderful and heartbreaking. So, that has been a constant theme.

What attracts you to focus on particular fans?
I am drawn to a person when they are most present, like when they are dancing on their own in a corner. Then I’ll be able to create a whole narrative for them. It may be completely wrong. But if I have a narrative for them, then I know I should focus on them. It’s instinctual.

People seem to really dress up for these festivals.
I really like the way the crowd usually mirrors their favorite artist. If they are watching the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then they have more of a Karen O vibe. If they are watching Morrissey, then they go all fifties. I love that mirroring process. It can be tiny or very pronounced. But the sense of style in this particular festival is inspiring…this is an environment when many kids can try out their creativity and relish it and jump around in it.

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And They’re Off, Sort Of: LFW Starts With Invite Chaos


Apart from “tube closures” and “swine flu,” what two words can strike fear in a Londoner’s heart like few others? “Postal strike.” That was the talk at last night’s inaugural LFW event, Still, hosted by Poltock & Walsh and photographer Poppy de Villeneuve at the very swish Sanderson hotel. A strike means that tickets for the Christopher Kane, Matthew Williamson, and Burberry shows are—gasp—potentially sitting in a sorting bin somewhere with 20 million other pieces of mail. Let’s just say when the editors arrive at their hotels without their stacks of invites, they won’t be happy. Of course, last-minute plans are in place, like couriers, which is how we found out about the event last night for the cool London designers Poltock & Walsh, whose fans include Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. Poltock & Walsh commissioned de Villeneuve, (whose dad Justin famously discovered Twiggy in the sixties) to photograph their “fave girls,” including Alice Dellal’s socialite mom Andrea, Mick Jones’ daughter Lauren Jones, Jade Parfitt, Jasmine Guinness, and, curiously, Lydia Gifford, a model/circus worker/sculptor, all wearing key looks from 2010. Said de Villeneuve of the portraits, which will be auctioned off in support of the Tibetan charity Ropka: “My favorite was of my mom (the American model Pam de Villeneuve). I don’t get to work with her often, and it’s always interesting photographing people that you are close to, because the dynamic is so different—not that I didn’t make her work for it!”

Photo: Courtesy of Poltock & Walsh

The Cast-Off, Round Two


No one likes to lose. Readers may recall that, a few weeks ago, stylist Lauren Goodman (above right) and I joined in a friendly battle of casts: Having each broken our wrists, we decided to compete to see who could turn her injury into the better fashion accessory. Votes were tallied; I had the lead at the start, but Lauren got some momentum later in the game that she rode all the way to victory. Honestly, I felt ashamed. I had the home-court advantage and everything. But rather than indulge in any Serena Williams-like tantrums, I determined to learn from Lauren’s success as we prepared to face off in Round Two of the Cast-Off: THE BRACE-OFF.

Lesson 1: Buzz counts. Lauren finished her cast early and people got interested, seeing her wear the flash plaster around. So, as soon as I got my brace from the hospital—a kind of Rick Owens-y brace, black with long straps—I delivered it to designer Camilla Stærk. She wrapped up work on it right before fashion week, and over the past few days, I’ve had two name stylists ask me if they can call it in for shoots, and several front-row regulars remark that they’d consider throwing themselves down staircases in order to wear a medical accessory that cool. (I am now thinking about launching a line of fashion medical accessories, called HEAL—Colette? Opening Ceremony? Barneys? Are you listening?) Lauren, meanwhile, had the element of surprise in her favor: Working with designer Peter Som, she only debuted her brace today…

Lesson 2: Bling that sh*t. Last time, designer Dana Lorenz covered Lauren’s cast in multicolored gemstones. Von Kottwitz designer Nina Stotler and I opted for something more industrial. Not this time! Thinking bling-y, I arranged to have my brace sponsored by Crystallized™ Swarovski Elements. I was imagining something totally disco, but Camilla, who has better taste than me, opted to cover my brace in pewter crystal pearls of various sizes. This wound up covering…

Lesson 3: Remind people of Michael Jackson. Lauren’s cast was inspired by the Christian Lacroix top seen on the first Anna Wintour-edited cover of Vogue, but lots of commenters mentioned that it seemed very Michael Jackson. And they appreciated that. Camilla, hand-sewing pewter crystal pearls until her fingers were literally bleeding, really came through on the MJ. I have to say, though, Lauren and Peter Som have maybe, possibly, trumped me on this—Peter’s angle on the people-like-dead-celebs-beacuse-they-are-reminded-of-their-childhood thing was to make Lauren’s brace “a tribute to John Hughes.” Pretty in Pain! Dammit.

Lesson 4: Art-direct. This really should have been obvious—I do work in fashion, after all. Lauren got off a cute little shot of herself posing with her cast. I went for the camera phone. And I wasn’t even in the photo! People vote on personal connection, I see now. And images that pop. Camilla’s husband, the photographer Barnaby Roper, obliged my concept “sci-fi Birth of Venus, with wrist brace,” as you can see (and judge) for yourself. Again, I was positive I had Lauren on this one—I knew she was racing around to shows and that Peter was prepping his collection and that there was no way they’d be able to work a seriously pro photo into their schedules. Laughs on me, folks. Lauren managed to corner Poppy de Villeneuve, mere hours before the photog hopped a flight to London to set up her show STILL, which opens on Thursday, and got a pretty amazing portrait out of her.

Lesson 5: Flatter the audience. Vote for me, and I will love you forever. Lauren and I await your comments…

Photo: Courtesy of Maya Singer and Poppy de Villeneuve

Blasblog From Mexico: A New Year’s Debate Solved


After you’ve been to as many store parties as I have (sigh), when it comes to New Year’s celebration it’s an internal struggle between going home to Missouri to be with people I actually like and eat fried food until the elastic in my sweatpants snaps, or to go somewhere tropical and thus be forced to spend even more time with the sorts of people I see here in the city. Well, this year, I managed to blend enjoyable company and a tropical location thanks to Nicolas Malleville, the male model turned boutique hotelier. (Feel free to Google.) As the head of a growing hotel and spa chain on the Yucatan Penninsula—he owns beachfront hotel Coqui Coqui in Tulum, another outpost in the jungle of Coba, and is finishing a third in the city of Valladolid, where he also has a perfumery that counts Renée Zellweger as a fan—he invited a group of heat-seeking New Yorkers south of the border. Malleville’s fellow male models James Penfold and Robert Konjic (again, feel free to Google—tell yourself it’s research), along with Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Sophia Hesketh, Byrdie Bell, Poppy de Villeneuve, Nora Flaherty, photographer Paola Kudacki, PMK’s Robin Baum, and Burberry’s Lauryn Flynn all headed down to visit the three properties. We spent the days leading to New Year’s Eve at the Coba hotel, which has a great view of a crocodile-filled lagoon leading up to the Mayan ruins and pyramids. Meanwhile, the eve proper was spent reveling in Malleville’s spa on the church square of Valladolid, where the locals had propped up a gigantic gold crucifix (take that, Times Square ball dropping!); and the first few days of 2009 were spent on the beaches of Tulum. Sure, there were some hiccups: Bell forgot sun block and got burned while Restoin-Roitfeld forgot bug spray and got bitten like no one’s business. But in all, it wasn’t a bad way to start the new year. And hey, while they didn’t have Missouri’s fried food, nachos and guacamole substituted just fine. And nobody does Mexican, like, well Mexicans.

Photo: Derek Blasberg