August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Blasblog: Douglas Friedman’s Burlesque Show


After putting together a photography show focused on large-scale architecture, Douglas Friedman was looking for a new subject when about a month ago, an idea dawned on him. Well, maybe not dawned—more like sat on his lap, shimmied, and swung pasties in his face. “After big buildings, I thought I’d do big boobs,” said Friedman. And big they were. The pictures of contemporary burlesque stars Bambi the Mermaid, Dirty Martini, Jo Boobs, and Dr. Lucky that are currently lining the walls of Ruffian’s Garment District studio were taken at the downtown club Santos Party House at a tribute show to the late legendary dancer Liz Renay. Joining the photographer at last night’s opening were Anne McNally, Sophia Hesketh, Poppy Delevingne, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, the last of whom was a little embarrassed that her own ensemble resembled one of the outfits in the pictures. “Is it weird that I have that outfit?” she asked, pointing to the Dirty Martini series. “I guess what I’m wearing is really appropriate—I love a theme.” But the photographs weren’t for everyone. “My dad came in and the first thing he said was that all the pictures were out of focus,” Friedman laughed.



Photo: Rahav Segev/WireImage


Blasblog: Matching Dresses At Chanel Party


You might think that Jen Brill and Poppy Delevingne, who wore the same Chanel chiffon cocktail frock to the fashion house’s dinner for the Tribeca Film Festival at the Odeon last night, would’ve avoided each other, but we snapped them looking particularly chummy. “I think it’s kind of fun,” said Jen Brill. “It’s not like it looks the same on us.” Delevingne was similarly plucky about it: “She looks much hipper, much more downtown. I look like Audrey Freakin’ Hepburn with this chignon.” Indeed, though they were in the same dress, the results were decidedly different: Delevingne was uptown girl sophistication, while Brill decked hers out with a flannel-trimmed Chanel jacket. So who would Brill have been to Delevingne’s Hepburn? “Someone said Tina Chow, which I’ll take,” Brill offered. “She was iconic.”



Photo: Derek Blasberg


Hot Pants And Hats At Mulberry


Mulberry’s annual fashion week bash Monday night was particularly crowded this year, seeing as some guests arrived in the capacious headgear they’d sported earlier in the evening for Stephen Jones’ exhibition opening at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Waiters in polyester gym shorts—back this year by popular demand—handed out apple martinis to Jacquetta Wheeler, Poppy Delevingne, Sara Buys (Camilla’s daughter-in-law, for those of you not up on your royals), and other guests mingling among the leather at the New Bond Street flagship. Mulberry shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey, looking relaxed after a full schedule of previews, was still talking about a recent photo of Leigh Lezark—snapped at Christopher Kane‘s after-party—in shoes from his latest collection. “She is soooo beautiful,” he said dreamily. “It’s just too bad,” he added about the photo, “because no one is looking at her feet.”

Photo: Jon Furniss

blasblog: purses and pampering at anya hindmarch


The professionally fashionable are a notoriously crafty lot when it comes to store parties; the majority of us would never deign to leave without a gift bag and have probably eaten or drank our weight in booze and shrimp cocktails at some point in our careers. (Hell, I’d go to the opening of a Joyce Leslie store in Hoboken if there was reward waiting for me.) Keeping that in mind, you’ll understand why Anya Hindmarch’s spring preview at her Meatpacking District showroom yesterday afternoon was such a big hit with ladies who like to be pampered. Not only was she offering food and drink (and we’re talking classy kinds at that, like tea sandwiches, Champagne, and lime Jelly Bellys), but there was also a manicure station and the possibility of picking out some of Hindmarch’s adorable handbags. But with swag comes choices: Poppy Delevingne didn’t know if she should get widow’s-gray nail polish or hooker red, but this being the Meatpacking District and all, where hookers ran the late-night scene, she went with the latter. Zani Gugelmann left early to buy some gum, claiming she had had one too many cucumber-and-salmon sandwiches. And in the middle of it all was Hindmarch herself, wheeling and dealing her selection of luggage, totes, purses, and envelope clutches—the bag business that, as she herself is still surprised to say, she started 22 years ago. “Can you believe it’s been that long?” she sighed. “I started it when I was 18, and I’m still at it.” She’s finally taking a break this weekend. With her husband and daughter, she’s headed out to the Hamptons for the very first time. While she said she’s pleased that she’s missed the summer crowds by going after Labor Day, she’s not excited about the weather. Before co-hostess Bonnie Morrison could even point out the benefits of a beach drizzle, Hindmarch cut her off—”You can’t sell a British girl the benefits of rain!”

Photo: Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch