April 21 2014

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Prabal Gurung Pledges Allegiance


PrabalCongratulations are in order for Prabal Gurung, who became an American citizen today. Most impressive, though, is the fact that the Nepalese-born, New York-based designer—who frequently dresses the FLOTUS— took his citizenship test only twenty-four hours before his Spring ’14 runway show. Now that’s what we call patriotism.

Photos: Marcus Tondo/ IndigitalImages

Stop-Motion Catwalk: Prabal Gurung


“Seeing everything come today, from the choreography and the music to the collection, was really a moment,” said Prabal Gurung during a final run-through before his Spring ’14 runway show on Saturday. “It’s that moment you actually see what you anticipate happening at the venue, and it really excited everyone involved.” And a moment it was. In case you didn’t see it on your Instagram feed already, all of his models came out in silence, got in a see-through box, and remained there until the show’s end.

As part of our ongoing series by videographer Meagan Cignoli, who was enlisted by the Swarovski Collective, we have an exclusive glimpse at how it all came together. Here, your recap, in less than sixty seconds.

Stop-Motion Catwalk: Suno


Friday night, Suno’s Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis unveiled their “African maximalist” Spring ’14 collection in New York. Before the new looks hit the runway, director and videographer Meagan Cignoli trailed the duo as they put the final touches on things. “We actually started with African Bakuba cloths, and somehow took them to a whole other place,” says Beatty of the design process.

Cignoli’s stop-motion video, the first in a series commissioned by Swarovski, makes its exclusive debut here. We’ll be premiering two more films from the project—which highlights New York-based Swarovski Collective designers including Prabal Gurung and Wes Gordon—later this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Prabal Gurung Unveils His Spring Armor


Prabal jewelry

Prabal Gurung has always taken the notion of a powerful woman seriously (see: sharp tailoring, bondage detailing, harness belts, etc.), and this season will be no different. For Spring ’14, Gurung collaborated with New York-based jeweler Chris Habana on a covetable collection of tough-chic, striking statement pieces, such as acrylic-adorned armor rings (which debut exclusively here) and razor-embellished ear cuffs. “What initially drew me to the beauty of Chris’ designs is that they are so raw yet painstakingly crafted,” Gurung told “My heart lies downtown and his work reminds me of the glory days of New York, particularly the East Village, which was the underground epicenter of creativity.”

To wit, each sculptural piece suggests a Space Age punk warrior with a dash of ladylike subversion, via high-polish sterling silver accentuated with 3-D-laser-mapped embellishments like ornate roses (on Instagram, the designer hinted that the latter will be a recurring motif in his show on Saturday). According to Gurung, the bijoux also echo his Spring collection’s theme of “preservation,” translated through combining couture fabrics with the latest technology.

Despite the unlikely pairing (Habana’s clients include pop provocateurs such as Azalea Banks and Nicki Minaj, while Gurung’s well-heeled following includes First Lady Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge), the resulting mélange of uptown polish and downtown edge is exactly what Gurung intended. “The kind of woman who fascinates me is someone who has femininity with a bite,” said Gurung. “These pieces truly encompass that philosophy of a refined, exquisite beauty who has just the right amount of grit.”

Prices range from $400 to $1,000.

Photo: Courtesy of Prabal Gurung

The Split-Second Preview: Prabal Gurung


The Spring ’14 collections are under way in New York, and will be followed by the shows in London, Milan, and Paris. Before their new clothes hit the runway, we’ve asked some of the most anticipated names to offer a sneak peek. Per usual, it’s a busy time for all—designers and fashion followers alike—so we’re continuing our split-second previews: tweet-length previews at 140 characters or less. Our entire selection of Spring ’14 previews is available here.

Prabal Gurung

WHO: Prabal Gurung

WHERE: New York

WHEN: Saturday, September 7

WHAT: ” Preservation”— Prabal Gurung. The designer sent us a glimpse of his Spring ’14 collection, above.

Photo: Courtesy of Prabal Gurung