August 27 2014

styledotcom In a sea of #Emmys red, @nlyonne stood out in @openingceremony. Humberto Leon discusses:

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“V” As In Victory


Six thousand applications later, Ford Models and V Magazine‘s V A Model Search contest has yielded a winner: one Lea Groesland from Norway. Finally, Siri Tollerød will have someone to speak to in her own tongue! If past winner Amanda Laine’s success is anything to go by (she booked Prada, Marni, and Balenciaga her first season out), Lea will be a household name by October 2009.

Photo: Courtesy of Ford Models

Your Weekend In The City, Part I


No escape plan in place for the Fourth of July? There’s plenty of fun to be had within the five boroughs, starting at Bergdorf Goodman. The Fifth Avenue store has partnered with Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum to create the most fantastical window displays this side of Christmas. But the real treat comes when you step inside, and we’re not talking about the air-conditioning. A giant pink poodle named Fifi (who happens to be a kinetic sculpture by the artist Theresa Segreti and the museum’s de facto mascot) is wedged between the Verdura, Hermès, Goyard, and Prada counters on the store’s first floor. According to Bergdorf’s Linda Fargo, “Fifi has become a bit of a tourist attraction, and the salespeople, though overcome at first with shock, have definitely been cheered by her presence. A nice lady peered through the front door of the store, and after seeing our new pet, exclaimed, ‘That’s exactly what the world needs right now!’ ” After meeting Fifi, you can take advantage of the sale; the majority of spring merch is deeply discounted.

Photo: Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

Marc’s Wedding Update, Prada’s Transformer, And More…


Marc Jacobs’ wedding to Lorenzo Martone has been pushed back to August. He’s just toying with us at this point. [WWD]

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years yesterday for his Ponzi plot. Yeah, that’s about as bad as it gets. [NYT]

The Prada transformer morphed into its latest iteration this week: movie theater. If you can’t make it to Seoul for screenings of Last Year at Marienbad or Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God, this review of the space will have to do. [The Daily Beast]

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick show off their new baby girls, who, as newborns, are both wrinkly and cute. [People]

Photo: Justin Campbell / BuzzFoto / FilmMagic

Blasblog: Beyoncé And Sasha Fierce at Madison Square Garden


Everyone from my mother to Kanye West has told me that Beyoncé Knowles is already a legend. (Yeezy said Beyoncé is the new Tina Turner, whereas Moms just said she liked how she could sing good, dance good, and was real pretty.) Despite my intense skepticism, after last night’s performance—when Beyoncé dragged her dancing, writhing, belting, flying, and rolling tour to New York’s Madison Square Garden—there could be no argument. Her performance was epic, and I’m not just talking about her gorgeous voice. It was her attire that brought me to MSG in the first place, as the house of Thierry Mugler had invited a few lucky fans of the house to the concert, and for good reason: Beyoncé’s entire look, along with the video that introduced the song “If I Were a Boy,” was created in collaboration with the designer, the tour’s official creative adviser, and all of his greatest hits, including hip-padded bodysuits, leopard prints, robotic silhouettes, pointy shoulders, and theatrical draping, were represented. She looked over-the-top impeccable and gave 100 percent for the duration (just look at this movie clip for proof)—though she did have some help beyond the costumes. The whole stage must have been lined with wind machines, as her hair was never still for a single second, and there wasn’t a bead of sweat anywhere on her face. Beyond her unique showmanship, other elements were particularly memorable, like when home videos of a wee Beyoncé or clips from the Inauguration Ball in which she sang “At Last” were projected on the big screen. She also did a full spectrum of cover songs, from Sarah McLachlan to Alanis Morissette. Oh, that reminds me: During the opening number, when Beyoncé came out in a tiny beaded Mugler number with a giant bow on her rump, her husband Jay-Z made a cameo, busting some rhymes special for the concert. From his “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me),” he said, “Prada blouse, Gucci bra, Thierry Mugler dress—take that off!” Good thing she didn’t listen to him, because if she had there would’ve been more than a few takers out there. Hell, I would’ve knocked a few kids out for the glow-in-the-dark motorcycle top and panties.



Photo: Derek Blasberg


A Decades In The Making


“I have 75 appointments today. I feel like an Amsterdam prostitute!” Decadestwo co-owner Christos Garkinos joked as he sorted through a rack of Chanel tweed. Such is the appeal of the L.A. vintage and consignment mecca, which has finally opened on our coast in the form of a three-day pop-up store on the second floor at Kiki de Montparnasse. If you are one to mourn missed purchases from past seasons, like a rounded check coat from Balenciaga’s Fall 2006 collection or a Fall ’07 Prada ombré jacket (both were spotted for less than $500), it’s a must-visit. I died for this YSL biker jacket with checked lining and the tableful of candy-colored clutches. There are also trays of bargain-priced bijoux, like enamel insect rings and giant retro Marni bangles that beg to be stacked. Merchandise is constantly being restocked, so there’s no risk of encountering racks of leftovers. It’s already moving quickly, though. Big purchases at last night’s launch party prompted so many inquiries from credit card companies it was quickly dubbed the “credit fraud” shopping event.
Decadestwo at Kiki de Montparnasse, by private appointment Friday, May 15, and open to the public Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17. 79 Greene St., NYC, (212) 965-8070.



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