July 29 2014

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Opening Ceremony Fights Cavities, Simon Takes A Stand, And More…


A blast from the past: Women Model Management is now representing nineties-era superstar Jenny Shimizu. [Hint Mag]

A blast from the future: More details emerge on NYC’s second Opening Ceremony, opening soon in (where else?) the Ace Hotel. The new store, with its hotel theme, will stock travelers’ essentials (esoteric toothpastes, condoms) and designer souvenirs (an Alex Wang tote bag, a Proenza Schouler dopp kit), and house a McSweeney’s bookshop. [WWD]

Barneys creative director Simon Doonan takes to his usual pulpit—i.e., the New York Observer—to give his side of “Tinselgate,” the hubbub surrounding his White House Christmas decor. The takeaway: Sniping conservative bloggers who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw lumps of coal. [NYO]

Another reason to envy Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge: The kid’s got a new collaboration with Gryphon—and she’s all of 18. As if her personal footwear archive wasn’t enviable enough. [Fashionista]

And speaking of collaborations, chart-toppers Kings of Leon debut their collaborative capsule collection of jeans and jackets with Surface To Air this month. Want to look like a Kentucky-fried Southern rocker? Hie thee to, uh, London. [Telegraph]

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On Our Radar: Land’s End Tie-Dye Tee


Ever since I saw Proenza Schouler’s Spring collection, I’ve been lusting after a tie-dyed tee. There was no way I was going to wait until Spring pieces arrived in stores to get my hands on one. (And, let’s face it, Proenza doesn’t come cheap.) I suppose I could have made my own, but I’m not crafty. The perfect compromise: Don’t laugh, it’s Land’s End. The kids’ section of the online retailer stocks both boys’ and girls’ versions, perfect for petite girls like me. To test them out, I bought both; the boys’ was slouchier, the girls’ a little more fitted, but both are great. Pick your type—or, for less than $25, you can pick one of each.

Land’s End tie-dye boys’ tee, $16.88, and girl’s tee (pictured), $5.99, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Lands End

Josephus Thimister Has Nothing To Lose


Nine years after shuttering his eponymous label, Josephus Thimister is returning as the founder, owner, and art director of his house. His much anticipated comeback—featuring couture and luxury ready-to-wear pieces for both women and men (a first)—is slated to take place during the Couture shows in January, when he will also be presenting a line of “young” furs for T.Paris.
The 47-year-old Dutch designer spoke with about the benefits of experience and why now, of all times, is the moment to “grow into a comeback.”
Where have you been all this time?

Well, I never wanted to come back because when you are your own backer, it’s a nightmare! In a way, I had to stop because my collection was produced by Genny and they wanted me to work just for them. It was a time when I had just lost my mother and my best friend. My label had enjoyed great press, but inside the structure it was a mess. So I took a sabbatical year and traveled to Brazil and Argentina, then suddenly three years had gone by. Then I started working for commercial brands, starting with Genny, and I found I loved it because I could make them better than they were. I designed the Andy Warhol collection (for markets outside the U.S.; it never hit the stores). Then I went to Charles Jourdan—the quality and craftsmanship were there, it could have worked so well had it not been for mismanagement—and I also consulted for Swarovski.

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Tie-Dye: Tired Or To Die For?


Are the eighties over as a source of fashion inspiration? Tommy Ton’s recent street-style photos seem to indicate a move toward easier seventies styles, and we found further evidence of the trend in the tie-dyed looks that brightened the Spring runways. “There’s something about tie-dye that speaks to everyone,” says Tory Burch, adding, “it’s a little nostalgic but also feels modern.” If Blumarine‘s caftan belongs cheerfully in the former camp, Proenza Schouler‘s Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough gave the dyeing technique new life by applying it to sleek and of-the-moment active-sports styles. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, meanwhile, pieced together ragged, postapocalyptic looks using fabric usually associated with long-haired flower children. Are you ready for the re-dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

Click for a slideshow and let us know, below.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Kristen Stewart Has All The Luck


Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping the power of Twilight. Nor, it seems, is there any escaping the power of Kristen Stewart. The vampire-loving starlet has been linked to her broodingly handsome co-star Robert Pattinson (the tabloids’ infatuation with their boyfriend-girlfriend status makes Brangelina-baiting look tame) and gets to cozy up to super-ripped teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner in New Moon, out next week. But the kicker for fashion folk came today in London, where Stewart walked the red carpet in brand-spankin’-new Spring 2010 Proenza Schouler. And not just any Proenza Schouler. The young lady got her hands on Look 20, arguably the best look in a show full of serious contenders. Before we consider how Stewart snagged the goods before more diehard (no, not twi-hard) Proenza fans like Chloë Sevigny or Kirsten Dunst did, let’s open the comments up to whether or not she pulled it off. Does Stewart’s red-carpet innocence work with this graphic look, or does she need to channel her inner surfer girl? Leave your comments below.

Photo: Jon Furniss/WireImage