August 20 2014

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Who Knew? Paz De La Huerta Isn’t Afraid Of A Little Nudity


“Being young, you don’t have this self-awareness,” Paz de la Huerta said last night. “It’s like when you see children running around naked. It’s completely freeing.” In that case, she may be the freest girl around. De la Huerta has been photographed naked before, but never more so than in her latest project: She’s teamed up with lensman James Macari (above, with de la Huerta) and creative director Rachael Bergstein for No. 3, an exhibition of Macari’s photos of the actress in various country locales (windy fields, sun-baked porches, forlorn beaches), almost always in the altogether. Salman Rushdie, Ellen von Unwerth, and Erin Heatherton were three of the spectators who dropped by the opening at Milk Studios last night to take in every freckle, goose bump, and beauty mark. The collaboration might have had some actresses screaming for a body double, but Paz embraced her role. “Working with James and Rachael felt safe for me. The way in which they both directed me was not unlike playing a role in a film,” she explained. The shots manage a tricky balance between innocence and eroticism, but some lurkers seemed to feel the pull of one pole more than the other. One leering gentleman—no, not Rushdie—approached Paz to ask, “Are you one of the models in this exhibit?” He pointed to a seductive nude shot. “I’m a photographer, you know.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/