August 22 2014

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Zosia Mamet Celebrates Spring With Honor


“I was thinking of fireflies and a summer wedding…or a funeral,” recalled Honor’s Giovanna Randall. “Something under the stars, a mysterious event, a nighttime party—the idea that sad times and really happy times bring people together.” The designer is talking about the origins of her Spring ’14 collection—a moodily feminine assortment of barely decaying lace and vintage-fabric-adapted, botanical-printed pieces—and the inspiration for the range’s new film, which debuts here. Written and directed by Honor cofounder Rachel Fleit, the short follows a grief-stricken girl (none other than Girls star Zosia Mamet) as she bakes a cake for a lost friend (Zoe Kazan) and conjures up the friend from the grave for a midnight birthday celebration.

It’s an eerie, bewitching trip through loss and celebration, a sort of mystical evening set in a weathered, Secret Garden-style mansion. “Giovanna and I have both experienced the loss of important women in our lives since we started Honor,” explained Fleit. “I had this on my mind when I was writing the script—what it would be like if we could bring them back to the physical world for an evening. I imagined we’d dance around in fabulous dresses, eat lots of cake, and just be with each other…all the best things.”

For Mamet, the short was equally emotionally charged. “The role was one of a girl experiencing true loneliness,” she said. As for the clothes, which, unlike in most fashion films, take a back seat to the plot, “I’m not a very girly girl, but I do enjoy embracing my femininity,” Mamet offered. “I think Giovanna’s clothes do that to a T. They always make me feel beautiful.”