August 22 2014

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Lily Cole, From Dark-Haired Vamp To Snow White


It takes guts to make another teenage vampire film, but then, no one has ever found director Mary Harron lacking in those—American Psycho, anyone? At last night’s Tribeca Grand Hotel screening of The Moth Diaries, her adaptation of Rachel Klein’s gothic teen novel, Harron explained that when she decided to make the movie,¬†she had no idea what Twilight was. In any case, “The Moth Diaries is saying something different about adolescent girls than those other films are,” she said. “It’s about female friendships, not male-female romance, and the way that your friendships with girls are actually so much more intense than the ones with boys.”

Intense is also the best word for the performance of model-turned-actress Lily Cole, who plays the dark-haired villain Ernessa. She’s mostly left the runway behind, but to hear her tell it, she has no regrets about that. “I was modeling because I fell into it, but it was never something I was trying to pursue,” she told “Whereas I love film as a medium and feel quite creative and challenged by it.” Following The Moth Diaries, she’ll appear in Snow White and the Huntsman alongside Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, and after that, make for a smaller screen. “I’m working on this new series with six contemporary artists with Sky Arts,” she said, one that makes good use of her art history degree from Cambridge. Lily Cole’s Art Matters hits the airwaves in the fall.

Photo: Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images