April 19 2014

styledotcom A real-life lodging that puts 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' to shame:

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Demarchelier Loves Penn, Wedding Photos


Patrick Demarchelier talks shop (i.e., Vogue, Irving Penn, and famous subjects) on the occasion of an exhibition of his work at Paris’ Petit Palais museum.

How do gender roles play out in the midst of a recession? Shopping is for women, returning is for men.

What’s more surprising than the news that Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe have gotten past the “raisin face” crisis is that the newly reconciled pals talked about “real estate and the economy”. For 20 minutes.

Gossip boy Ed Westwick puckers up for shoes. Or maybe he just saw his own reflection.

Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty Images

it’s a zoe world


Looking for something to watch tonight? The, um, not-so-ringing endorsement of a certain stylist’s TV show on Bravo in the Times today is probably more entertaining than anything on your DVR.

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s glow comes not just from her passion for politics; it turns out she’s also got a thing for tanning beds. Go figure. She even had one installed in the Governor’s Mansion, which will definitely come in handy if any visiting heads of state are looking a little wan.

Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

blasblog: jennifer lopez, fashion show pro


In the wonderful world of flashbulb-filled front rows, sometimes it’s not entirely uncommon for the start time of a show to be dependent on a VIP’s schedule (as opposed to, you know, the designer’s), or for the said VIP to be worked into a tizzy by the encroaching swarms of click clickers, and thus get to their seat late. But every once in a while, you’ll find a pro. You’ll find someone who isn’t fazed by stares or photographers, who can enter a crowded tent with grace. A pro. At Oscar de la Renta, that pro was Jennifer Lopez, who swanned in just before the show started, said some hellos, posed perfectly (smile with your eyes, jut the chin out so there are no doubles, hands away from the body so they look their thinnest) for just enough photos, and took her seat just in time to see the first look go by. “That right there is a well-oiled machine,” Rachel Zoe declared. And what did the woman formerly known as J. Lo (don’t call her that anymore, if you didn’t know better) think of the show? “I loved it. I loved it all. I can’t pick just one, ’cause I’d take ‘em all.”

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage