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Designers On Holiday


Light the barbecue, slice the watermelons, and get out your obligatory patriotic T-shirt. Fourth of July is fast approaching this weekend and summer is finally in full swing. Now that Resort appointments are (almost) over, designers, too, can finally kick back and breathe easy. (At least for a few minutes—another fashion week is just around the corner.) Here, checks in with some of our favorite designers to see what they are indulging in this summer.

“My greatest summer indulgence is doing a summer house with my closest group of friends—it’s so worth it. Fun, dinner, stories, sharing ideas and goals, celebrating success, and picking each other up through failures, with my groups of friends whom I have known for more than 12 years, is amazing.” —Prabal Gurung

“I wish I had more time to read; I have a long list of suggestions that my friends have given me—right now I’m actually reading an architecture book. But when I’m off duty, I want to be on a beach somewhere with my family. ” —Maria Cornejo

“In the summer, I look forward to spending the days in my garden in the country, my chickens, my fish, the afternoon swim, and the evenings with friends—especially over an elaborate meal that I cook with bottles of chilled rosé. The undiluted natural beauty of the Columbia County countryside, the smell of the plants, blossoms, and shrubs, they all recharge me.” —Bibhu Mohapatra

“I just like to be outside. I skateboard a lot and I love to surf—I usually short board these days. ” —Yigal Azrouël (left)

“Reading my Kindle on the beach—there is nothing more relaxing then a good book with the sand between your toes. I’m spending this Fourth of July at my Shelter Island home. I love hosting a barbecue and watching the fireworks with my closest family and friends. It makes me feel like an American via New Zealand!” —Rebecca Taylor

“Lately, I have really been obsessed with playing Scrabble. It sounds so nerdy, but my boyfriend and I play Scrabble at sunset on my rooftop and have cocktails. I would say that’s a very indulgent summer evening.” —Erin Fetherston

“I’m going to the Turks and Caicos this summer. Usually, we go to Europe but I’m so busy right now we decided this would be the easiest. I have never been to the Caribbean so this should be fun. I usually travel with a giant stack of magazines but I got a BlackBerry Playbook, so this will keep things a little more efficient.” —Chris Benz

“Long bike rides, Magnum ice cream bars, and tanning! I use Maui Babe and it makes the perfect tan.” —Rebecca Minkoff

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Rebecca Taylor, Version 2.0


“I wanted the clothes to really do the talking,” explained Rebecca Taylor about her new flagship boutique in the Meatpacking District. Hence the pared-down aesthetic of the new shop, more streamlined and modern than her seven-year-old Nolita boutique. The brand is celebrating its 15-year anniversary, and Taylor wanted to reboot and refresh her sensibility—starting with the location. “I feel like [present-day Meatpacking District] must be a bit like Soho in the eighties,” Taylor said. “This is like my generation’s Soho, and I wanted to be part of the rejuvenation of the neighborhood.”

Taylor’s seventies-inspired Spring collection stood out against the pastel walls of the flower-filled store. In addition to her standard offerings, the shop will also carry Taylor’s upcoming collaborations and favorite trinkets, such as candles and candy, imported from her native New Zealand. A parade of young starlets and models, like Selita Ebanks (left, with Taylor), Michelle Trachtenberg, and Katrina Bowden, all were on hand last night to check out the opening, but the store, Taylor promises, will have something even for the guys. In the crescent-shaped section in the rear—the designer’s favorite part of the boutique—dressing rooms and clothing displays abut a few big, comfy chairs. “Boyfriends can hang out in the back,” she said with a laugh.

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor

Is This The Face Of Spring ’11?


With the dust starting to settle on New York fashion week, one thing’s very clear: The seventies are back. Again. And rising from the rubble this time is an unlikely style icon: Shelley Duvall.

This isn’t the first rumbling of Duvall devotion. Marc Jacobs favorite Jamie Bochert is basically a dead ringer, and the heavy-bangs, center-parted shag that Duvall wore back in the day is making waves again. Those waiflike limbs that seem to go on forever—a little gawky, sure, but what could be better suited for all the high-waisted wide-leg trousers that walked the runway this week?

Peter Jensen dedicated his entire Spring collection to the actress (in her seventies iteration, that is). “Was ever a muse more perfect for Peter Jensen than Shelley Duvall?” he wonders in his collection notes. “Beautiful and awkward, chic and gangly, Duvall inspires a collection that takes seventies sophistication and marries it to a wide-eyed innocence.”

Not that innocent. Back in the seventies, Duvall was a thinking man’s sex symbol—the skittish stripper of Robert Altman’s Nashville, one of Alvy Singer’s neurotic conquests in Annie Hall. And here on the runways were clothes to match. Peasant tops at Rebecca Taylor looked like they’d been plucked straight from the firing-range scene in Altman’s 3 Women. The first few exits at Derek Lam were summer-ized, sexed-up versions of her hysterical housewife in The Shining. Marc Jacobs mined the Me Decade for both his main line and Marc by Marc collections, and his long, flouncy dresses would’ve suited her to a T.

Shelley, if you’re listening, your wardrobe’s ready—it hits stores this spring. Here’s hoping it’ll bring you back down to earth a bit. According to reports, you’re spending days in small-town Texas, on the hunt for aliens.

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Givenchy Steps Off The Catwalk, Stella Steps Onto The Court, Designers Dress Up The Garment Center, And More…


Don’t look for Givenchy on the couture calendar this July—Riccardo Tisci will show his Couture collection for the house (shaved down to ten looks to accommodate customization) by private appointment. Apparently, the most devoted couture clients, royals that they are, couldn’t attend the shows for security reasons, anyway. Yeah, we know how that story goes. (For good measure, here’s one more glimpse at Spring 2010 couture, left.) [WWD]

Rumor has it that Scott Campbell, tattoo artist to the stars, has designed bags for next week’s Louis Vuitton menswear show. Since “to the stars” includes “to Marc Jacobs,” we’ve heard stranger allegations. [Elle]

We’re still curious to see Venus Williams’ new outfit at Wimbledon (she promises it’ll be divisive), but the tourney’s shaping up to be quite the fashion event: Stella McCartney will dress Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki in her Adidas duds. [Vogue U.K.]

New Yorkers, swing by the Garment District today for a glimpse of designers installing their Ralph Pucci-created mannequins for the Fashion Center Sidewalk Catwalk. Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor, Betsey Johnson, and Tommy Hilfiger are among the designers who are pitching in. [WWD]

Anna Dello Russo—fashion peacock extraordinaire—collaborated with Yoox on a line of T-shirts of (what else) her own classic outfits. They sold out in less than 2 days. [Thread NY]

Photo: Monica Feudi/