August 23 2014

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11 posts tagged "Recession"

Fashionistas: Behold Your Future Home


Bye-bye, Bryant Park. After 15 years of hoisting the tents and hosting fashion week, the park is reportedly being replaced by Lincoln Center in 2010. That’s the A, B, C, D, and 1 trains, ladies. Whole Foods Columbus Circle, get ready for an injection of fabulousness.

Calvin Klein model and Avedon muse Vincent Gallo puts his money where his mouth is. Somewhere dirty.

The economy strikes again: Macy’s and Liz Claiborne feel the burn, shed employees.

But take heart, newly unemployed: The fetish industry always needs a few extra hands; in fact, “the sector is poised for expansion,” according to a former craftswoman. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Tom Ford takes his own (surprisingly SFW) pictures.

And now for something NSFW: Christian Bale needs absolute silence. He’s making Terminator: Salvation, so don’t $!&# with his craft.

Photo: Getty Images

Will You Make The Marc?


“Marc Slashes Invitees.” I got the (slightly violent-sounding) WWD News Alert on my BlackBerry Friday night. But it wasn’t until this morning that I allowed myself to fully examine what the new fashion week development really meant. The specifics: The invite list will be smaller by a whopping 50 percent-plus, going from 2,000 people (1,100 seated and 900 standing) to 700 (500 seated and 200 standing). Celebrities? Maybe one or two, said president Robert Duffy. One or two?! I can only assume that Marc-ettes like Winona Ryder, Sofia Coppola, Zoe Cassavetes, Rachel Feinstein Currin, and Victoria Beckham will make the cut as friends of the house. But I suppose you can forget about seeing every downtown fixture both erstwhile and current. (Lady Bunny, we think you had better make alternate plans for Monday night.) Now, I’m the last person to make the case for New York fashion week being a B-lister-and-hanger-on-packed three-ring circus. In fact, I firmly believe that getting trampled on a daily basis by wild packs of photographers trying to get shots of Sophia Bush has started to chip away at my soul. However, Marc Jacobs’ show is, or was, different. It was a huge, fun family reunion, a metaphorical big tent where New York’s fashion crowd—publicists from other houses, designers of every ilk, stylists, and even editors’ family members—gathered to celebrate New York’s biggest talent and the city’s fashion itself. So while I understand that our current economic climate means that Jacobs and Duffy just can’t host that party anymore, I can’t help feeling like it’s one of those moments When Everything Changed. What about you? Worried you won’t make the cut?

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan

Calvin. Meisel. Envelope. Pushed.


Calvin Klein’s saucy (and banned) new Steven Meisel commercial sells jeans, flesh. Tops not available. WWD has the video. Make sure your boss isn’t around when you watch!

Put another point up for the tents. Narciso Rodriguez returns to Bryant Park . The move from West Chelsea is sweet music to the ears of editors now banned from using car services. The D to 42nd Street is only $2, ladies.

Fashion Politics: Obama keeps it casual. And by that we mean ties, mostly jackets, and no jeans. So, really not so much casual.

Facebook Politics: Is unfriending someone really as easy as clicking a button? Actually, yes.

Too good to be sure recession prices may be the wave of the future, because designers know we’re on to them and we won’t be tricked into buying overpriced luxury goods ever again. At least not for a year.

Barneys New York: Going Once, Going Twice?


Is Barneys for sale? Reports are of the he-said-she-said variety for now, but a new investor and CEO may be in town.

And across the pond, venerable U.K. outfitter Harrods CEO James McArthur (who previously punched in at Gucci and Balenciaga) is out the door after less than a year at the helm. Might he be coming stateside?

Are you “subscribing to all the wrong fashion magazines“? If the fashion spreads aren’t unnerving and slightly menacing, then yes.

England is officially in a recession, so this list of most-clicked online boutiques with prices in pounds might be worth a visit.

Kanye West’s new kicks for Louis Vuitton were inspired by Dune; Marc Jacobs claims the rapper goes into the office more than he does; and other truly fascinating tidbits.

In other Marc-hearts- music-makers-for-Louis-Vuitton news: the designer (in cute Buddy Holly glasses) styles Madge (who touches about $10 million worth of bags) for the French bistro Louis Vuitton ad campaign. Watch the behind-the-scenes clip here.

The Dark Night: Canceled Post-Show Parties


It was inevitable, but we denied it in our souls. There will be fewer fashion week parties this year, starting with no fêtes for Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs (seen here at last season’s in less recession-y days). Big sniff.

After venturing into footwear with Puma this fall, Alexander McQueen is launching a new collaborative effort with the label, a sporty clothing line to be unveiled in Milan this Tuesday. Guess the shoe fit.

Best reason for a delayed arrival: “I landed in the Hudson.” There’s really no way your ride from the airport can fault you for that.

J. Lo clears up the divorce rumors with a questionable defense: “It just didn’t go with the dress,” she said of her controversially missing wedding rings. Darling, they’re diamonds. They go with everything.

Your portfolio just got a little sexier: Cavalli may have found an investor, and hopes to “list on the stock market in ‘three or four years.’ ” That’s what we call a leopard market.

Dancing with the fembot? Cindy McCain was ready to shed her stiff image with a shot at stardom on Dancing With the Stars, but Mr. McCain shut her down. Give him time, Cindy Lou. He’ll recognize your true talent soon.

Oscar de la Renta wants Hillary to take it off. Well, at least the top half.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene