August 23 2014

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2 posts tagged "Red Bucket Films"

Cynthia Rowley’s New Sweet Spot


Watch out, Willy Wonka. You’ve got some competition in Cynthia Rowley. The designer will show her Fall ’13 collection later today. In lieu of parading her wares down the catwalk, she’ll debut them in her new clothing boutique-cum-candy shop: opening for business later this week, CuRious Candy will house Rowley’s collection of conceptual confections. (The store will also be linked to a new space for husband Bill Powers’ Half Gallery.) Now, this is Cynthia Rowley we’re talking about, so don’t expect your average chocolate bark and truffles. While the four-story town house will offer classics like Sour Patch Kids, pecan-covered caramels, and chocolate bars (“People would go berserk if we didn’t have those!” says the designer), it will also include edible silverware and teacups, “storm cloud” black licorice cotton candy, and sugary figurines that look like glass sculptures. “It can be the centerpiece of your dinner party, and then at the end of the night, you can surprise everyone by smashing it and eating it,” laughs Rowley.

In order to get the word out, Rowley teamed up with Red Bucket Films’ Josh and Benny Safdie to create a surreal, candy-centric video. The short debuts exclusively on (above) and will be on Taxi TV from tomorrow. Rowley makes a quick cameo, but the film focuses on Hailey Gates and Hannah Gross as they sit in the Maritime Hotel’s La Bottega restaurant and begin to eat everything from the flower vase to the table. Naturally, they’re dressed in looks from Rowley’s Fall collection, which was heavily inspired by her sweet endeavors. Like the store, Rowley’s Fall clothes merge the “pretty” and the “dark”—qualities that are ever-present in the designer’s dreamy world. For instance, there will be leather-quilted accessories, stretch crocodile trousers, leather hats, and giant lockets with mother-of-pearl faces. All of this will be presented amid an installation by Raul Avila, which will remain in the new store. “We spend so much time on the sets for our runway shows, and a few hours later it’s over,” says Rowley. “This way our set can live on and everyone can enjoy and experience it.”

Cynthia Rowley’s CuRious Candy shop and new boutique will open later this week, located at 43 East 78th Street, New York, NY.

Vena Cava’s Heartland Horror


Vena Cava’s Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock were inspired by 1970s neo noir films for their Fall collection, so it was only fitting that they create one of their own. They joined forces with Josh and Benny Safdie of Red Bucket Films (“they are some of the last people making New York cinema the way it was done in the seventies”) and enlisted a gaggle of their girlfriends (including Langley Hemingway and Eléonore Hendricks) to play the cult girls in their horror flick, entitled Heartland. “The film references a lot of cults from seventies L.A., a darker time in history,” they tell “We intentionally did not want product shots or a ‘fashion film’ thing going on. We set out to make a movie that could stand on its own outside of the fashion audience.” Here, we debut the movie trailer exclusively on, and your average fashion it is not. “We did some pretty intense gore scenes in my mother’s kitchen—at one point, the whole floor was covered in fake blood we had purchased at gore shops in the San Fernando Valley,” they add. “Horror is much messier art than fashion!”