September 1 2014

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7 posts tagged "Rem Koolhaas"

Carla’s Scandale, Prada’s Transformer, And More…


The latest French uproar is over Carla and Sarko living la vida loca in Mexico while their people get poorer by the minute (the euro’s not what it used to be, sad to say). But what about Carla’s total fashion week diss? Where was she at Dior, Chanel, Givenchy? We’re not even French and we feel slighted. [The Daily Mail]

Beth Ditto: Prude. [NYT]

Step aside, Zaha Hadid. Chanel’s world-traveling Mobile Art Pavilion (which had to land permanently mid-trip) has met its match in Prada‘s Rem Koolhaas-designed Transformer, a mutable steel tetrahedron galleryspace. To see it do its thing, you’ll have to jet over to Seoul, where it’s housed in the grounds of an imperial palace. [WWD]

Kate at Topshop’s NYC opening? Yes, Sir Philip, that’s just who we would invite for a low-key affair. [The Cut]

In a “conducted” conversation with Victoria Beckham in the latest issue of Bergdorf Goodman magazine (speaking of which, time to renew that subscription!), Marc Jacobs bemoans his likeness to a Ken doll after a rash of airbrushing. He’s referring to a nude photo, and he’s not talking about musculature. He means down there.

Photo: Alfredo Estrella / AFP / Getty Images

Blasblog: rem koolhaas on 22nd street


Has everyone detoxed from New York fashion week yet? I have. Changing gears, instead of looking at menswear I could never afford and dresses I will never wear (not even on Halloween, not even on local drag nights), I decided to check out something even further out of my reach than a crocodile trench or a Ralph Lauren Black Label tuxedo. Namely, the first Manhattan residential building in 20 years from fashion’s favorite architect, Rem Koolhaas, which has started construction on 22nd Street. The shiny silver structure’s most striking feature is its shape: The plot of land it sits on is only 33 feet wide, but since the developers have acquired the air rights to the buildings adjacent to it, the structure “swerves into the theatric space,” as Koolhaas put it. (The architect may have known fashion season was in full swing, because he kept comparing the building to a corset in the way its shape curved in and out.) In the lobby will be a CAA screening room, but above it will be 24 stories of residential space, creating 18 individual units. The project’s budget, Koolhaas said, was a cool $120 million, but when the building is finished, expect the sticker prices to be through-the-roof ridiculous: record-breaking. The penthouse—which in fashion lingo can only be described as couture—comprises four full floors, and on its roof is a pool with a see-through acrylic floor, which looks down into a living room with a fireplace. When asked about the going rate for that particular unit, Koolhaas’ reaction was priceless: laughter.

Photo: Courtesy of Office for Metropolitan Architecture