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Urban Equipment


A great shirt is a staple in any city girl’s wardrobe. And tomorrow, thanks to the opening of Equipment’s new Soho boutique, getting one (or two, or four) will be a lot easier. “We were ready. We’ve reached maturity,” said Serge Azria, the CEO and creative director of the revived seventies label, about his choice to open the brand’s first stand-alone store since the 2010 relaunch. Nestled on Wooster Street (just a few doors down from the newly opened Joie boutique, also an Azria-owned brand) the store, as the CEO explains, is meant to have a “gallery feel.” Its brushed-metal display cases, black floors, and white walls provide a minimal, uncluttered space in which to shop Equipment’s wares. Expanding on that gallery vibe, a painting by Retna, one of Azria’s favorite artists, hangs on the back wall. Apparently, the boutique will be showing more artwork, as well as embarking on a surprise music project, in the coming months.

“I think that Soho is a very international place, and it’s once again becoming an important shopping destination in the city,” said Azria of the boutique’s considered location. He also voiced ambitions for further U.S. expansion; in 2013 the CEO is aiming to open stores in locations like L.A., Miami, and maybe even New York’s Upper East Side. “The rent here is crazy, though!” he jokes.

But Equipment’s retail push is only one of the brand’s new developments. In addition to a healthy range of white and colored shirts, the store will sell sunglasses by Garrett Leight—a hint at accessories collaborations to come. And, while silk shirts will always be at its core, the label is out to prove they’re not just about button-downs. Shirtdresses will be introduced for Spring (which will hit the shelves in January). Cashmere sweaters with novelty prints like polka dots and snakeskin are also a recent addition to the Equipment range (they made their debut this fall) and, according to Azria, blazers are on the way. The CEO’s favorite new offering, however, might be the silk pajamas, a large selection of which are available at the Soho store. “They’re a hot ticket,” he says.

Located at 110 Wooster St., Equipment officially opens on Friday, December 21.

Photo: Courtesy of Equipment