August 29 2014

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A Sartorial Touchdown from Les Plus Dorés NYC


The Super Bowl is just around the corner. But those of us who aren’t exactly football fanatics (or, for that matter, can’t tell the quarterback from the water boy) can embrace the sporty spirit with Les Plus Dorés NYC’s T-shirts. Why root for the Patriots, Falcons, Ravens, or 49ers when you could cheer on team Philo, Ghesquière, Margiela, or Tisci? According to the label’s Web site, there was also a Simons shirt, but, not surprisingly, it’s sold out. While your football-savvy friends might not get the joke, Les Plus Dorés NYC’s tees will certainly be appreciated by (and likely seen on) the street-style set. Although, a four-way designer showdown would make for a pretty amusing halftime show. Go team!

Les Plus Dorés NYC’s T-shirts are available at

A Respite for Givenchy And Its Four-Legged Friends


Givenchy announced today that it won’t show its Spring 2013 Couture collection during the next round of Couture shows in January. The brand’s plate is presumably full this year, with Riccardo Tisci cohosting the punk-themed Met Gala in May, but the label tells WWD that it “continues to invest in its couture atelier and does not rule out couture presentations in the future.” In the meantime, Paris’ dog models will enjoy an extended Christmas vacation with no need to rush back to work.

Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

Goodbye To All That: Designers Say Farewell To Central Saint Martins’ Digs On Charing Cross Road


“There’s a phrase, ‘all fur coat and no knickers,’” says Louise Wilson, the feared and revered director of the MA fashion course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. “Saint Martins has always concentrated on the knickers.” Home to one of the best fashion schools in the world, Central Saint Martins has quite the track record when it comes to producing superstar designers; its alumni include Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Riccardo Tisci, Hussein Chalayan, Phoebe Philo—to name only a few. However, judging by the primary fashion building which, erected on Charing Cross Road in the heart of Soho in 1938, is a drab stone structure crumbling around its colorful student body, Saint Martins is indeed missing its mink. “I suppose the decrepit-ness allows a certain freedom. It’s always been decaying, even when I was a student in 1984, so it’s never been about the building. It’s about what goes on inside the building,” Wilson says.

But the summer marks the end of an era for the school. This month, Saint Martins, whose fashion and art schools currently span 11 buildings, will consolidate under one roof in a new high-tech $320 million dollar complex. Based in North London’s King’s Cross, the new concrete building will provide students with studios and resources head-and-shoulders above what they’ve had in the past. It will also further integrate the fine arts and fashion departments, an asset that Hussein Chalayan marks as having been essential to his development. While the new building will have neither the dusty charm, graffitied walls, or history of its predecessor, the school’s unpretentious bare-bones approach to fashion will remain.

New location, same ethos, in other words—and, hopefully, same results. Even if she has concerns about the rising admission rates (“The increasing fees are cataclysmic to the diverse nature of applicants. When you haven’t got a grant and you’re paying for it yourself, then you can’t afford to take risks. And that kills creativity,” she says), Wilson remains CSM’s greatest advocate and supporter. “It’s been a privilege to go to college here and to work here. It’s been a privilege to see good student work,” she says. “And it’s good year after year.” reporter Katharine Zarrella spoke with some of the school’s most distinguished alumni about their memories of the Soho space, running throughout the week. First up, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.

Riccardo Tisci: BA in Fashion & Technology, 1999

“I have to give my entire career to England and Central Saint Martins, who convinced me to apply for a scholarship. At the time, I was not financially stable. I could not support myself. CSM encouraged me and pushed me to do so. That is the reason why I am who I am today. I have amazing memories from my time there: respect, relax, coolness, a new way of teaching fashion; everything for respecting and developing yourself. [The school] completely changed me. It helped me develop the avant-garde part of myself and not to be scared to give out a message. At the beginning, some people could not understand why my style—as an Italian boy—could be so dark and aggressive. The building on Charing Cross meant a lot of stress, scariness, happiness, surprise, and freedom. What I mostly remember is fun and secret cigarette breaks. Central Saint Martins, thank you for the big belief and support!

Left: A look from Tisci’s graduate collection at Central Saint Martins.

Photos: David Rhys Jones (CSM exterior); Courtesy of CSM (Tisci graduate collection)

A Day In The Life Of: Marcelo Burlon, Editor In Chief Of Rodeo Magazine, Event Planner, Nightclub King


8 a.m.
Just woke up. I need a caffè Americano with lots of sugar. I’m’s guest blogger this week so I have to cover all the fashion week stuff. Previously Julia Restoin-Roitfeld covered New York fashion week, and now it’s my turn. Today is all about meetings. I’m running to photographer Vicky Trombetta’s studio to finish the casting for our fashion story in Rodeo magazine. We’re looking for ten new girls; it will be fun to see all these new faces. Chanel and Lakshmi are confirmed. Very exciting.

11 a.m.
I have a meeting with Casey Spooner for a quick brief about my party. It’s called “Pink Is Punk” and Fischerspooner is the guest DJ. It’s going to be very tough because not everyone can get in. The capacity is only 300 people, and because it’s fashion week, we only let in friends, and of those only the ones with the best looks!

11:30 a.m.
The phone’s ringing. It’s my best mate, Riccardo Tisci. He wants me to listen to the music for his show, which will be on Sunday, March 8. I met Ricky many years ago and I fell in love with his vision and aesthetic. In fact, I was his PR person for the first three years of his career before Paris called.

12 p.m.
I’m starting to feel hungry. I may stop by Cucchi to have a quick sandwich and see some old Milanese ladies wearing incredible outfits.

12:30 p.m.
Meeting with Andreina Longhi to go over the Rodnik show Saturday night at Superstudio. After that I’m running to lunch with Margherita Missoni to give her a birthday present. Her family’s show was yesterday, always nice and warm. Continue Reading “A Day In The Life Of: Marcelo Burlon, Editor In Chief Of Rodeo Magazine, Event Planner, Nightclub King” »