August 23 2014

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Body Talk-ing With Robyn


Last year, Swedish pop singer Robyn released her three-part dancehall album Body Talk. She didn’t follow the traditional industry route of putting out an album, then touring; she did both at once, releasing one mini-album and taking it to the stage while plunging into the next one whenever time allowed. Here, in this video from The Creators Project debuting exclusively on, the singer reflects on her groundbreaking work with friend and music video filmmaker Mary Fagot.

“Celebrity culture and consumer culture provoked me to do something that was more…not old-school, because performance art is hardly that, but hands-on and physical,” Robyn told from Norway, where she was playing at the Hove Festival this weekend. “What I’m really interested in is the meeting point [with my fans], and that’s what 2011 has been about for me—focusing on touring.”

And touring (and opening for fellow wild child Katy Perry) has afforded her some opportunities to indulge her odder side. “I have this one part of the show, where I eat a banana on stage—because I was raised by chimpanzees,” the pop star joked. “Sometimes, I will catch a little girl’s face and her mouth is gaping open as she wonders what the fuck I’m doing—not everyone gets what I’m about.”

Style-wise, the pixie blonde is hesitant to connect her name with fashion brands, explaining, “I need to keep my credibility as an artist and not be a commercial space.” But she admits there is one house she might make an exception for: “Balenciaga—it’s always been and still is my favorite. I feel like I could front it and be totally cool with it.” Monsieur Ghesquière, are you listening?