September 3 2014

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Want a Glam Tracksuit? Giuseppe Zanotti’s Got You


Giuseppe Zanotti

When it comes to more-is-more aesthetics, Giuseppe Zanotti doesn’t need lessons. Through his shoes, bags, and accessories, he’s established himself as an expert of embellishment, a wizard of zippers, and a guru of gilt. For sky-high, strappy, spiked heels, he’s your guy. In the market for a pump with a built-in metallic snake to caress your ankle? Zanotti has it covered. By that token, his inaugural ready-to-wear micro-capsule—tracksuits for men and women that debut exclusively here—should come as a delight to those buying his distinctive brand of glam. Hers comes in leather with dangling gold accents standing in for traditional drawstrings; his comes with a generous helping of straps. Both versions boast quilted kneepads and gleaming zipper accents. Zanotti (who celebrates the twentieth anniversary of his label, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, this year) recruited fashion’s favorite tracksuit maven, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, to shoot and style the campaign. “She understood the idea that sometimes less is more, but for me, more is more,” Zanotti told “She styled maybe four, five different bracelets [with the looks]!” But if Donatella levels of bling aren’t your bag, or you’re dubious about the prospect of what amounts to a formal tracksuit, Zanotti is happy to advise. “I imagine somebody might love to pair the pants with Nike sneakers, a T-shirt, and a nice Rolex watch or something.” Minimalist styling tips from a master of maximalism? We’ll take ’em.

Photo: Courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Kim Brings Brite Lites, and Plenty of Gifts, to Nordstrom


Olivia Kim's product selection for Nordstrom

“Not many retailers are willing to disrupt their business,” said Nordstrom’s director of creative projects, Olivia Kim. “But Nordstrom is, and to me, that’s what makes this job so fun and exciting.”

Kim, the former VP of creative at Opening Ceremony, has now graduated to her second full-fledged pop-in installation at the behemoth department store, where she injects equal parts cuteness, quirk, and novelty. Aptly titled 4U: Brite Lites_Gift City, the pop-in, as Kim put it, is “Santa’s Workshop for the twenty-second century.”

“I wanted the design to be cold, austere, and metallic, but referential to holiday,” she said. To help bring her vision to life, Kim solicited the help of her dear friend Rafael de Cárdenas of Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd. / Architecture at Large. “He and I have this incredibly in-tune sense of environment,” she proclaimed. It’s a creative partnership that goes back to her time in New York.

As for the concept behind the staggering high-low product selection, Kim considered, “What do you get someone who has everything?” She wanted to offer those hard-to-find discoveries—and she’s succeeded. The democratically priced range of gifts includes Keith Haring skis by Bomber Ski, charity RxArt’s collaborative gifts designed by notable artists like Ryan McGinley, Vanessa Arizaga jewelry, tomes from Abrams Books, Illesteva eyewear, black-out Bamford Rolexes, Chinti and Parker knits, and much more.

Brite Lites_Gift City is the next step in an overarching plan for Nordstrom, where Kim has worked since early 2013. She aims to educate, engage, and inspire Nordstrom’s large customer base by introducing plenty of buzz-worthy merchandise. “I want to be able to create something sexy, and I want people to get excited about shopping again,” she explained.

But are customers responding in kind? “Yes,” Kim confirmed with confidence. “It’s exciting for us as a brand to be able to say we’ve got a customer who is interested in niche products and young designers. I’m here to take risks. I’m here to push something new and adventurous in front of the company, and in front of our customers.”

4U: Brite Lites_Gift City will be open at twelve Nordstrom locations nationwide beginning November 15. Merchandise will also be available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom