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Favorite Of Royals, Now Favorite Of Yours, Too


Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert II of Monaco own Fabergé eggs. Now you can, too. The fabled Russian jewelry house founded in 1897 by Peter Carl Fabergé, goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, was revived in 2009 with his great-granddaughters Tatiana and Sarah helming the company’s heritage council, and it’s opening its first store in the U.S. on Madison Avenue today. Among the offerings designed by creative and managing director Katharina Flohr (late of Russian Vogue) are Les Favorites—miniature egg pendants (pictured) made from precious stones encircled in tiny diamonds or the guilloché enamel that the jeweler is famous for. “The fashionable young crowd in London are really embracing our fine egg pendants,” Flohr told at a walk-through of the new store yesterday. (New York is the house’s third store after Geneva and London.) “They collect the eggs and wear them layered like charms. In fact, there’s a waiting list there of clients wanting the latest edition to add to their collection.” The pendants start at $6,500 and there’s no waiting list—yet—on Madison Avenue.

Photo: Courtesy of Fabergé

Blasblog From Moscow: Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Drunk


I’ve been to a lot of store parties. Making dinner out of mini-grilled cheese sandwiches and stumbling home after one too many passed cocktails is a way of life. So you can imagine my disappointment when I heard from both Mario Testino and Riccardo Tisci (two people I thought would know the coolest spots in the world) that they were going to Denis Simachev’s boutique for drinks after the Russian Vogue tenth anniversary party on Thursday night. That’s like telling me we’re going to the D&G store on West Broadway after the Met Ball. I didn’t fly halfway around the world to Moscow to go to another store party. Thankfully, though, the Russians know how to stock a showroom; below Simachev’s boutique is a 24-hour restaurant, bar, and dance floor. And with Dasha Zhukova, Camilla Al Fayed, Eugenie Niarchos, and Olympia Scarry joining Testino and Tisci, the evening was actually fun. “I wanted the boutique above to be white, with lots of light, and the bar underneath to be black and dark, like an underworld,” said Simachev, who told me he’s gone straight from the bar to the office on more than one occasion. According to the designer, the wildest night was when Mischa Barton stopped by when she was filming here last year: “She got really drunk and laid on the floor, and everyone was laughing at her. No one recognized her until the next day in pictures.” Jumping on the discotheque store trend is another Moscow designer called Chapurin. His branded drinking establishment opened earlier this year. “I create clothes, furniture, interior design, and jewelry,” said Chapurin. “And today we would like to suggest a certain lifestyle to our clients.” When we asked him what fashion and clubbing have in common, he said, “They both have passion. Without strong emotions, neither would exist at all.”

Photo: Derek Blasberg