August 21 2014

styledotcom .@VanityFair looks at celeb style transformation from off-duty to red carpet:

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Saloni Lodha’s Moroccan Spring


Last night, designer Saloni Lodha threw a party to celebrate the launch of Nomadic Interlude, David Dunan’s book of photographs of the Spring ’13 Saloni collection, as worn by Christina Kruse. Dunan, Lodha, and Kruse were accompanied on their shoot in Morocco by filmmaker Ruth Hogben, who made a moody film featuring the collection. Here, debuts Hogben’s video online.

‘Trique’s Treat; A Rebel Yell; Collecting: “An Incurable Illness”; And More…


Fashion’s newest viral video hero is Patrick Pope—a.k.a. P’Trique—who lambasts fashionese in his popular “Shit Fashion Girls Say” series. He’s already got high-profile sponsorship, thanks to Maybelline, but a Met ball ticket apparently still eludes him. What would he wear if he found a last-minute invite? “An amalgamation of harnesses, cutouts, and metallics…with the theme of, like, an underwater Chanel-y sea bride. Like if Ariel was alive today and friends with Karl, but more nouveau.” [WWD]

Early Morning Rebel took London by storm last fashion week, playing several shows and parties and earning a fan base that includes Zandra Rhodes and designer Francesca Marotta. They’re in talks to return to London fashion week next season, but in the meantime, the L.A.-based band plays a free show tonight at New York’s Soho House. [EMR]

Levi’s is taking on the Champs-Élysees, with a 7,000-square-foot flagship store set to open at the end of this week. The all-American denim brand is no stranger to France—Levi’s has 22 stores in Paris alone. [WWD]

“Collecting is a wonderful illness,” says auctioneer Simon de Pury during an on-film conversation with style icon and cultural patron Daphne Guinness about “connoisseurship and collecting,” in a two-part video series that debuts on Nowness today. But would-be buyers beware, warns de Pury: “It’s incurable.” [Nowness]

Kanye West keeps on mining the fashion world for talent. His latest collaborator is Ruth Hogben, who created a promo video for “Lost in the World,” his latest single. Hogben knows something about over-the-top styling: She’s worked frequently with Gareth Pugh. [Telegraph]




Photos: Stefanie Keenan / WWD


A Night At The (Fashion) Pictures


As creative director of her family’s business, Selfridges’ Alannah Weston has turned the massive department store on London’s Oxford Street into her private fiefdom of fun with a series of large-scale events that have brought together artists, filmmakers, musicians, and designers in the name of underscoring the store’s retail vision. Wednesday night saw one of the smartest, artiest events yet, to mark the opening of the Women’s Designer Galleries. Curator Emma Reeves commissioned a set of short films to interpret seven of the collections carried in the new space. The single criterion? A strong female character at the heart of each film. For Ann Demeulemeester, for instance, Michael Pitt filmed his fiancée, Jamie Bochert, as a wraithlike figure moving through the desert (top), like a contemporary version of Isabelle Eberhardt, the 19th-century French traveler who inspired the designer’s collection. For Comme des Garçons, Katerina Jebb filmed concert pianist Madeleine Malraux, the widow of cultural nabob André Malraux, still playing at the age of 90.

Ruth Hogben made a typically brilliant piece of film for Gareth Pugh (above), a hectic slice of Cabaret-style decadence. She also created a sepulchral German-expressionist short for Rick Owens: harsh angles, shadowy reveals, eldritch textures, and an opera soundtrack. Her grasp of atmospheric moviemaking is so acute it came as a surprise to hear Hogben admit that all she wants to do is take still pictures. I swear everybody’s going to be reading real books again in a few years.

Speaking of atmosphere, set designer Simon Costin has made Mars out of molehills, and here he turned the derelict Selfridges’ hotel into an outlying branch of the Overlook, with curtained-off spaces intended to obliquely echo the building’s former use. There were “rooms” with oversize sofas, long dining tables, cracked vanity tables, and huge beds, with the movies projected on the ceiling above them. That was how we got to see an edit of the film Christopher Doyle had made, but not used, as the backdrop for Dries Van Noten’s show for Fall 2005. (Technical issues pulled it at the last minute.) Doyle was the man whose camerawork made In the Mood for Love into the swoonsville date movie of the millennium. A perfect match for Dries’s own romantic leanings. It was kinda nice watching it lying down, too.

Funny, only one of the films—the McQueen one—really featured recognizable clothes. The others were all projections, figurative and literal, like Delfine Balfort’s erotic equine dance for A.F. Vandevorst. You can see them all on Selfridges’ Web site, but you’ve got till March 26 to experience them in person. More fun that way.

Models In The Aisles, Jane Again,
Ralph Lauren’s Return To TV, And More…


Is Naomi Campbell set to help Kate Moss down the aisle? In a new interview (with, admittedly, one of the U.K.’s most incorrigible tabloids), the supe won’t say she’s Kate’s bridesmaid—but she won’t say she’s not, either. Developing! [Vogue U.K.]

And speaking of weddings, model Lily Aldridge and Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill tied the knot last week. In case you missed it on Friday, here’s Lily’s custom Vera Wang gown. [@Styledotcom]

Jane Pratt—the eponymous Jane behind Jane and the founder of the much-beloved Sassy magazine—is back with a new Web site: What’s in: Pepto-Bismol facials, nude bodysuits try-outs, and her usual blend of grabby headlines and measured snark. What’s out: Internet phenom Tavi, who was reportedly involved at an earlier stage in the site’s development. []

The latest of SHOWstudio’s fashion films is now online. Ruth Hogben—the longtime SHOWstudio collaborator who’s made memorable films for the likes of Gareth Pugh—takes on Giles Deacon’s Fall ’11 Feral Lace collection for the house of Ungaro, with an assist from Katie Grand. [SHOWstudio]

Apparently, when Oprah calls, “no” is not an option. In the final days of her closing season, Winfrey will interview Ralph Lauren—despite the fact that he hasn’t given a TV interview in 20 years. [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of Vera Wang

Exploring The Underground With Jefferson Hack


Jefferson Hack can now add a multimedia festival to the long list of projects he oversees, but as he told on Friday night, the one-day event, Dazed Live, is a league apart from the Glastonburys and Coachellas of the world. “Our festival isn’t strictly music, though there is lots of it,” he said at a preview fête at East London’s latest hangout, the century-old Town Hall. “It’s about film, art, architecture, thought, and ideas. The idea is to explore the underground and the alternative with an inquisitive eye—and to offer people with an antidote, really, to the bog-standard festival.”

Lily Donaldson, Lulu Kennedy, Pam Hogg, Dinos Chapman, Duffy, Peter Pilotto, and more all came by to take in the offerings on Saturday. Spread out across numerous venues but headquartered at the iconic Town Hall hotel, the lineup included 81-year-old Alejandro Jodorowsky, who gave a talk and a live tarot reading before the screening of his cult movie, Holy Mountain, at the spookily appropriate Shoreditch church. Elsewhere, Aaron Koblin (left, with Hack), the creative director of Data Arts and Google Creative Labs, gave a Q&A about new Web technologies and languages, and psychedelic guru Daniel Pinchbeck (this generation’s answer to Timothy Leary) introduced his film Time for a Change. Fashion was represented by SHOWstudio’s Ruth Hogben—the woman behind many of the visuals and films for Lady Gaga, Gareth Pugh, and Alexander McQueen—who talked about “Future Icons in Fashion Film” while bands like Gang Gang Dance (who debuted its new album) and Factory Floor rounded out the night shift.

“Ninety percent of the itinerary is either debut or a premiere, and our goals were to bring print, digital, and live performances together, in perfect symmetry. It’s also a way of getting our readers involved, for them to be in the same environment as the editors—like stepping into a magazine in a way,” Hack said. “Hopefully, this will be just the beginning.” Brave new world, in other words. But what about the brave old world event of the year, coming just the end of this month? “God, I don’t care,” he replied, when asked who should dress royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton. “I am actually going to be away that weekend, and I personally don’t give a shit about the wedding! And you can print that.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dazed + Confused