July 14 2014

styledotcom Diane Kruger in @MaryKatrantzou, and more of the best red carpet moments this week:

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This Kate Moss Paper Doll Really Exists


Kate Moss DollEver wonder what it’s like to play dress-up with Kate Moss? Now you can (sort of) with a $13 book and a pair of scissors. Anthropologie now stocks a paper-doll book featuring Ms. Moss and a wardrobe of covetable outfits in which to “dress her,” like a body-con dress, Breton-striped frock, and high-waisted flares. The book’s label, I Love Mel, also sells Miley Cyrus paper dolls, a Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book, a Girls necklace, and Ryan Gosling earrings, among other quirky items. We’re guessing it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for fangirls everywhere.

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Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper play Cops and Robbers


“They’re both are amazing actors,” said Rebecca Dayan on why she came to see Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper at last night’s premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines. “And I guess they’re also really pleasant to look at.” Dayan wasn’t alone—fans were lined up around the block just to get a glimpse of the two actors at the Landmark Sunshine Theater last night. Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the new film is a dramatic study of father-son relationships, with Cooper as a cop hot on the trail of Gosling—a burned-out, ne’er-do-well Evel Knievel type who robs a bank so he can support his son. Gosling admitted that getting to play a bank-robbing antihero is something he’s wanted to do for a long time. Part of his character’s rebellious persona is a tattoo of a knife right below his eye. It was a last-minute addition, but it worked. “I’m glad Derek made me do that,” said Gosling. “The movie is about regret and I definitely had a sense of regret about the tattoo!” Don’t worry, ladies, it was a temporary.

It’s no secret that Cooper and Gosling are two of Hollywood’s hottest men of the moment. So was director Derek Cianfrance afraid their sex appeal would overshadow the serious nature of the film? No, he told, because what sets them apart from other hunks in the business is that they are actually great actors, and they aren’t afraid to take risks. “They’re brave enough to confront fear and play characters that aren’t heroes all the time,” the director said.

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Lily Rabe Doesn’t Want to Know Who’s Coming on Opening Night


Lily Rabe was born with the pedigree of an actor’s actor. Her father is playwright David Rabe (whose works were the subject of a recent New Yorker retrospective), and her mother is actress Jill Clayburgh. But Rabe, who graduated from Northwestern University in 2004, has been making theatrical inroads of her own. In 2005 she debuted on Broadway in Steel Magnolias and later took on George Bernard Shaw’s Heartbreak House, garnering award nominations for both performances. After a few film roles, Rabe returns to Broadway for her latest project: starring opposite Mercedes Ruehl in The American Plan. caught up with the up-and-comer during a break from rehearsal to talk about first loves, Ryan Gosling, and her Achilles heel: Alexander Wang. The American Plan opens in previews this Friday.

Tell me about your character in The American Plan.

Well, her name is Lili. She’s very challenging, but that’s really what you want, isn’t it? [Playwright] Rich [Greenberg] has this amazing way of getting to the underbelly of human relationships, and I think one of the great things about his writing is that it can really sneak up on you. You think you’re watching one thing, and then you’re slapped in the face with something else. Basically, the play is very much about Lili’s relationship with her mother. Their attachment to one another is very deep, and the stakes are very high. Without giving too much away, everyone in the play is wildly in love with someone else, and very often it’s the wrong person.

It sounds like a lot of universals: the mother-daughter relationship, insiders and outsiders, falling in love, falling in love with the wrong people. Did you draw on life experiences for the role?

No, I always fall in love with the right people. [Laughs] Yes, of course; not that I’ve ever been in a relationship like any of these necessarily. The point is they’re all so human and, like you said, so universal. So, absolutely, there are pieces from my life. Anyone who’s been desperately in love [knows] you act very strangely. Continue Reading “Lily Rabe Doesn’t Want to Know Who’s Coming on Opening Night” »