August 20 2014

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Nili Lotan: Dancing Queen


Nili Lotan's Spring '14 PerformancNili Lotan‘s Spring ’14 presentation drew a unique crowd. Performers, fashion editors, and dance enthusiasts gathered inside the designer’s Tribeca showroom last night for a fashion-meets-dance mash-up. Lotan worked with choreographers Lee Sher and Saar Harari of the LeeSaar dance company to stage a performance that would capture the essence of her Spring looks. Dancers performed right in the middle of Lotan’s showroom, wearing fluid, body-skimming pieces from the new collection. “I feel that the combination of two different arts—dance and fashion—make it stronger than just a regular runway,” Lotan told “It kind of grew into this concept of introducing the language of my design, my aesthetics, and my entire world,” she added. “I had to pick pieces that really conveyed the essence of what I do.”

When asked about the concept behind the choreography, Sher offered: “We were just inspired by Nili and who she is. When we met with her, we realized there were a lot of similarities in our approaches to art, and we started this process of mixing her collection and the dance.” The resulting performance was sensual and raw, yet undeniably feminine. And it’s no coincidence that the same could be said about Lotan’s designs. “There are certain words that I repeat when I describe my work—minimal, pure, explosive, sexy,” said Lotan. “And all of this is coming through in the dance in a very strong way.”

Photo: Courtesy of Nili Lotan