August 22 2014

styledotcom This weekend, dare to wear mom jeans:

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Trotting in Time


Last night’s celebration of Hermès’ new Dressage Chrono timepieces was an exercise in precision. Things kicked off at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, where Time in Motion—a ballet created specifically for Hermès—was performed by choreographer David Drouard and dancer Sandra Savin. The pas de deux played with concepts of time—the dancers would speed up and slow down, and their movements were accentuated by digital projections of the new watches. Afterward, guests such as Shala Monroque and Kelly Rutherford weren’t too keen on walking through the rain to dinner, which was a block away. But as they stepped out of the theater, partygoers were instantly greeted by a troop of handsome gents armed with huge Hermès orange umbrellas—talk about good timing.

At dinner, the exquisite watch display was rivaled by cheval projections in the elevator, a live watchmaker tinkering in the middle of the cocktail area, and curio tablescapes inspired by the house’s equestrian heritage. “The dance was incredible, and tonight was really seamless,” Waris Ahluwalia told “As a designer, you always need something to look up to. Hermès has always been, for me, the barometer of craft and quality.”

Photo: Neil Rasmus/