September 1 2014

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Jason Wu and Colette: Ally of The Dolls


Now that he’s one of American fashion’s wunderkinder, Jason Wu’s early work as a designer of doll fashions is an oft-told part of his lore. But even now that he’s got a pretty enviable set of life-size women clamoring for his clothes, the miniature mode is not a part of his DNA that he’s ready to jettison. His latest fantastic bit of fashion-clad plastic marks the debut of his Fall 2009 collection at Colette in Paris, which hit the store this week. (“The early bird gets the worm,” said Wu. Indeed!) “Sarah [Lerfel] came in to put in an order and saw a doll on my desk, and it just went from there,” explains Wu. “It’s just so perfect for Colette.” For his limited-edition Colette doll, which sells for €215, Wu chose look 20: a belted ivory cashmere coat with a fairylike feather-embroidered hem. “Doing a doll is like drawing a caricature,” Wu explains. “You don’t render all the details, just the most distinctive ones. That’s why it has to be a fun look.” Wu’s dolly days are actually still quite active. He’s doing another for Jeffrey New York, due out this August to celebrate the store’s tenth anniversary. Also in the offing is Wu’s most expensive doll yet—a $1,000 mini-mannequin. “We’re doing it for Japan, but I can’t say more,” he says.

Blasblog From Moscow: The Third Time Is The Charm


In the past two decades, as Russia transitioned from a Communist country to a more democratic one, the country’s fashion industry has scrambled to catch up aesthetically with the Western world. Handfuls of fashion magazines (including Vogue, Bazaar, Tatler, and Vanity Fair) appeared and new retail outposts stocking Paris and Milan designers began to thrive. Moscow even sprouted a pair of dueling fashion weeks—one sponsored by IMG, the other not—that competed for international attention. The problem was, with so much spread out, it was hard for the cream to rise to the top, which is why Anna Dyulgerova, a former Russian Vogue fashion editor, created a third fashion week (or, if we’re going to get technical, fashion weekend) to showcase the country’s chicest designers. “There wasn’t really a celebration of our own fashion,” Dyulgerova said. “All the designers worth seeing have been showing separately from any official weeks in Moscow. That’s why we’ve put together five of the nicest names in Russian fashion and asked them to show their collections.” On her roster: Konstantin Gayday, whose subversive collection of black dresses was accented in zippers and fur (no surprise on the fur front); Vardoui Nazarian, who showed cutout separates; Terexov, whom insiders will recognize from the New York fashion calendar; Gosha Rubchinsky, whose menswear show was cast from boys on the street—some with stitches on their faces (that’s a pic from the show); and Teplov, a collection of mainly cashmere coats that debuted at the Ritz. Joining Dyulgerova were the likes of Colette’s Sarah Lerfel, Purple‘s Olivier Zahm, and Visionaire‘s Cecilia Dean. Visit for more images.



Photo: Courtesy of Derek Blasberg


Blasblog From Moscow: More Chic-sters Arrive In The Russian Capital


David Lynch and Christian Louboutin have been working Moscow into a tizzy with the opening of their collaboration, an exhibit of kinky pictures and kinkier shoes called Fetish, at the Garage, Dasha Zhukova’s Center for Contemporary Culture here. We’ve already reported on Tuesday night’s party, but yesterday the chic set continued to multiply. Spotted fresh as a daisy in Rodarte—despite the overnight flight—was Visionaire‘s Cecilia Dean, pictured above with Fantastic Man‘s Gert Jonkers. Touring the Garage with her was Colette’s Sarah Lerfel, and later in the evening, a whole slew of Parisian party animals—Olivier Zahm and Le Baron’s André and their requisite entourage—showed up for dinner at a restaurant called The Most, which is a fitting name for a dining establishment in a place like this, we think. Turns out everyone is coming to town for a special MasterCard-sponsored weekend of art and fashion called Cycles and Seasons. Check back for more updates.



Photo: Derek Blasberg


Blasblog From Paris: Chanel Makes Daphne Guinness Want To Be A Bride (Almost)


The first thing that Colette’s Sarah Lerfel thought when she walked into the all-white, flower-bedecked venue of the Chanel Couture show on Tuesday morning was how such a grand space—a huge stone room with a giant spiral staircase—had been under wraps for so long. (It had been a mortgage bank office before, which makes it ironic that Chanel would be the first company to use it as a fashion show venue in this current economic climate.) Daphne Guinness, on the other hand, was obsessed by the white paper flowers lining the walls, and, when the show started, also adorning the trains of dresses and in the hats. “It was breathtaking. Wonderful,” she gushed afterward, adding that it almost made her want to be a bride again. Almost. Based on paper flowers, it could have been easy to infer that this was a response to a falling economy. Surely paper is cheaper than tulle, no? But the day before the show Karl Lagerfeld explained that materials don’t matter; construction and what you do with them do. Which explains the pure simplicity of this couture collection. “It’s something that doesn’t look expensive, but when you’re up close you can tell it is,” Lagerfeld explained. “Luxury is for the rich, not the nouveau riche.” There you have it.

Photo:Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Blasblog From Miami: Katie Lee Joel Comforts With Tater Tots


Colette’s Sarah Lerfel described Friday’s art fair scene best: “I didn’t know if I was meant to feel old or young. Let’s just say I was very, very crowded.” That’s because on the last day of Art Basel, it seemed that every senior citizen in Miami had decided to come check out the wares. And it was the same day that the elementary schools had brought their students, too. (That’s a good idea, if you ask me. Let’s start them young. Hopefully this whole recession business won’t last till they’re adults.) That arty mayhem was why on Saturday I was very happy to accept an invitation from Katie Lee Joel for a hot dog and champagne BBQ at her pad on La Gorce Island, where both Ricky Martin and Matt Damon also keep Miami manses. “My culinary career might be over,” said the chef, who has a new book out on easy fixin’s called The Comfort Table. “I just bought tater tots.” Hey, they might not be foie gras, but fried potatoes in any form—there were also french fries on hand—and an afternoon spent by a private pool was very welcomed at the end of few days full of canapés and lobby scenes. “I’m glad to bring the tot back,” Joel told me. “But really, did they ever go away?” Not by my count.