August 27 2014

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VERA: Changing the World, One Corset at a Time


Corsets, cell phones, fashion, and microfinance might seem like they’d make for strange bedfellows, but those things are all coming together for a good cause at tonight’s launch event for VERA, a new phone application (created by mobile-intelligence firm Validas) that targets wireless waste (unused minutes and data on your cellular bill) and donates that money to the Seven Bar Foundation—a group that aims to empower women in need around the globe with targeted business investments. Sounds complicated, but basically it’s an innovative way to give back and become a mini-philanthropist, if you will. In the past, Seven Bar has raised funds and awareness for its mission with unique lingerie runway shows. And tonight—at the United Nations, of all places—the organization will be hosting one such extravaganza. “If we’re going to launch this, we’re going to do it in true Seven Bar style,” the foundation’s founder, Renata Black, told

Black and the team behind VERA recruited several fashion designers—Erin Fetherston, Zang Toi, Guy Laroche artistic director Marcel Marongiu, and Sarah Shotton of Agent Provocateur—to create corsets for the occasion. (Mary Alice Stephenson is the master of ceremonies, and Tennessee Thomas, Hannah Bronfman, Kelly Rutherford, and Jennifer Creel are among the expected attendees.) Why corsets? you might ask. “They’re traditionally associated with restriction, but we’ve asked the designers to reimagine them as inner armor for outer empowerment,” Black explained. The designers gave an exclusive sneak peek at the custom corsets that will parade down this evening’s runway. “I’m known for my feminine aesthetic and that comes through in the draped chiffon, embellishments, and sweet bow gathering in the back. It’s romantic and modern,” said Fetherston. Meanwhile, Toi looked to Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture for corset inspiration, and Shotton did a quintessentially Agent Provocateur (read: sexy) take on the undergarment. To top it all off, Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff will give a live performance at tonight’s event. Known to dabble in all forms of film and theatrics, Subkoff will make her own corset on the spot, and promises that the result will be imaginative. Corsets for change—why not?

Photo: Jonathan Alpeyrie

“In France We’re Pretty Naughty—We’re Not A Prude Population”


Talk about an eye-catching window display. Last night, at the opening party for Agent Provocateur’s new Madison Avenue boutique, lingerie-clad models were gyrating wildly and working their way up and down a stripper pole. More than a few passersby stopped to watch and take photos. We even spotted a school bus slowing down.

“Today, when we were rehearsing, we had traffic stopped on Madison. We had police cars outside,” said the brand’s creative director, Sarah Shotton. Turns out New York’s Finest was just doing a friendly check-in. “They came in and shook the doorman’s hand. They said he had the best job in the world. So I think they’ll be looking after us,” Shotton concluded.

The brand will be hoping for the same warm welcome in Los Angeles, where it opens a store on Rodeo Drive store on Thursday. That means more eyes on the racy new film the brand shot with Josephine de la Baume, which features the French beauty enticing an unseen voyeur in bra and panties.

“It made me think of Rear Window, and there’s something very French New Wave about it,” explained de la Baume, who was circulating in a sheer tulle dress from the label’s Soirée collection. “In France we’re pretty naughty—we’re not a prude population.” Meanwhile, around her, dancers in cowboy leather swung their nipple tassels and pulled bananas out of their holsters.

Photo: David X. Prutting/

For Everybody’s Eyes Only


No one ever accused Agent Provocateur of being shy. For its new, revamped (emphasis on vamp) Web site, the English lingerie brand turned the camera on its Fall 2010 collection—and a few lovely ladies modeling it. The Private Tapes are directed by Johan Renck, who’s created videos for Madonna and Kylie Minogue (neither one a stranger to lacy underthings). And if the whole series feels a little sex, lies, and videotape, that, says AP’s recently-named creative director Sarah Shotton, is exactly the point. “The idea behind the Private Tapes is to showcase the new lingerie collection in a very real, intimate, and modern format,” she tells “Each short film shows the model entirely empowered by the experience of filming herself. I hope women will identify with the homemade aesthetic of the Private Tapes.” Click below for two of the not-exactly-safe-for-work tapes. Continue Reading “For Everybody’s Eyes Only” »