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Blasblog: Sean Avery, Revisited


This blog has done its part to document sometime New York Ranger Sean Avery’s dalliances in the fashion world (about which the Times delved into on Sunday). But what few people have noticed is that while Avery has dabbled in our world (a Vogue internship, presenting an award to his new buddy Vera Wang), more than a few stylish girls have crossed into his universe, too. This was clear at Monday night’s hockey game at Madison Square Garden. Bear with me, as I’m not too up-to-date on the hockey stats, but this was apparently a big game, as the Rangers were playing the New Jersey Devils, and the handsome Brendan Shanahan, a former Ranger, was on the opposing team. The crowd in the VIP lounge looked like the front row at a Marc Jacobs show (pre-recession, I mean): Justin Bateman, Chloë Sevigny, Barbara Bush, Selita Ebanks, Will Arnett, Amy Sacco, and Catherine Keener were all in attendance, the last of whom had just gotten off a plane from L.A.—”I’m not gonna miss a Rangers game,” Keener enthused. It’s fitting that diehard fashion fan Sevigny (that’s her on the right, with Jen Brill, Carrie Imberman, and V magazine’s Karin Nelson) would be equally diehard for Avery. In the third period, when the Rangers were up 3-0 (which was the final score) and the hockey hothead was put in the penalty box for roughhousing, she led her section in a round of boos. Meanwhile, when the young designer Prabal Gurung shouted, “He had better work!” after the Rangers scored a goal, the rest of the crowd seemed confused by the lingo but pleased by the spirit.



Photo: Derek Blasberg


Good Bag Hunting


You can’t keep (the price of) a good bag down. At last night’s Hunting Season trunk show at Edon Manor, designers Danielle Corona, a Valentino alum, and her partner Jason Salstein, a former VBH-er, proved just that. Hunting Season specializes in bags so instantly classic it seems churlish to interrogate the designers about prices. (The ones pictured here range from $1530 for the weekender to $1995 for the python fan clutch, if you’re being a stickler about such pedestrian matters.) After all, has any precious fashion heirloom ever come cheap? Nevertheless, as trunk show attendees including Charlotte Ronson, Victoria Traina, Bonnie Morrison, Ferebee Bishop Taube, and budding stylist Sean Avery browsed Hunting Season’s Spring 2009 wares, Corona and Salstein took a cheerful swat at the (inevitable) recession questions. “We are getting more requests from stores for leather, as opposed to alligator or python,” admitted Salstein. “But on the other hand, the alligator and the other special skins are what they like to show off, and it sells. I mean, I guess that customer is still there.” Salstein pointed out that the Hunting Season bags are multitaskers. “That compact got pulled for a celebrity recently,” he said, “and she—I won’t say who—was saying it would make for a pretty good weapon, too.” Hunting season, indeed.

A Love Story, Starring Carla and Sarko


Our previous, um, exposure to France’s first lady has proved that she’s no wallflower. So it’s not much of a surprise to learn Carla Bruni-Sarkozy green- lighted a documentary following her courtship with the French president while he was still married. Only in France, kids, which, sadly, is the only place this little gem will be showing (for now).

If your look can be described as “American-Apparel-by-way- of-Bergdorf,” perhaps Chloe 81, the next pretender to the Beatrice Inn’s dark and smoky throne, should be your New Year’s Eve destination. Hurry, before Sean Avery claims a VIP section.

Remember yesterday’s nifty Bill Blass study guide? Well, today’s news of the company’s $10 million sale is all the more reason to study up, particularly since the new owners may be aiming for a runway revival.

Party attendees for 2008 by the numbers: Eva Mendes , the Gossip Girl cast, and Peaches Geldof (that loveable Brit) all perfected the pose-and-get-paid stance required of celebs. Congratulations to all. It ain’t easy being ubiquitous.

blasblog: another sporty fashion fan


We all know that former New York Ranger Sean Avery has an obession with fashion. But when the hothead moves to Dallas to play for the Stars (which, for any diehard hockey fans out there, we can report is Tuesday, just after the New Yorkers for Children benefit that he’ll be attending), we may have already found his replacement in the jock-with-a-penchant-for-fashion department: Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer who came back from Beijing with two gold medals. At Thursday night’s after-party for the remake of The Women on the roof of the Gramercy Park Hotel, Lochte revealed that not only has he already dabbled in fashion this week (that was Lochte at Anna Sui, Max Azria, Calvin Klein, and Zac Posen), but he’s also started to try his hand at design. Turns out that the fit and design of the swimmers’ warm-up suits for the Beijing Games (not the opening ceremony outfits, which Ralph Lauren had designed, Lochte quickly pointed out) reflected some of his own tips and suggestions. “When we got them I noticed that they really incorporated a lot of my ideas and my input, which was cool,” said the swimmer, who was wearing an oversize gray suit jacket and heavy boots. “This fashion stuff is neat.” Presumably his eveningwear—and his fashion vocabulary—will improve as he gets more engrossed in the business. Perhaps a Vogue internship would do him some good.

Photo: Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

blasblog: an ode to the beatrice inn


A major pastime in the rural parts of Missouri where I spent my childhood summers was caving. Yes, wading though mud in the dark in underground parts of the earth—woohoo. The first thing a caver learns is that if a bat flies into your face, it’s not an attack—it’s because bats memorize the layouts of their dark lairs and don’t bother checking their routes when they move around. The reason I relate this story is because I can say with some sense of authority that the Beatrice Inn has become New York’s bat cave. For some, perhaps including myself, it would be not entirely impossible to walk into that place blindfolded yet still know where the bar is, where the doorman sits, and depending on the hour, where the bathroom line starts and ends. Sure, I might still dabble in a Bungalow 8 here or a Socialista there, but when it comes to the Spring 2009 collections, it has been all about the Beatrice Inn. And I’m not the only one who thinks so: Both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made cameos at the bar, as have Adrian Grenier, Juliette Lewis, Lou Doillon, Theodora Richards, and Joy Bryant. They were there for Chiara Clemente‘s birthday, Purple magazine’s after-dinner bash, and the Proenza Schouler post-show celebration. (And then there was that whole Sean Avery VIP area thing, which has in fact lasted all week as planned.) Last night—as people filed in from the V Magazine party, the Chanel dinner, and wherever else one might spend a Wednesday evening—was just another average night at the nightspot: Sharing the booths were Avery, Kirsten Dunst, Barbara Bush, and Tara Subkoff (all repeat fashion-week attendees) as well as new faces such as Rosetta Getty, Brendan Shanahan, Catherine Keener, and Amanda Scheer-Demme. And, unlike Sunday night, there wasn’t an FDNY-prompted evacuation.

Photo: RD/Dziekan/Retna