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Jodie Foster Is Giorgio Armani’s Favorite Actress


Jodi Foster in Armani

Or, at least, that’s what he told WWD today. The designer has reportedly created a range of power suits for Foster’s role in the upcoming film Elysium, which, out on August 9, is set in the year 2154 and also stars Matt Damon. Of course, Armani is no stranger to cinematic wares—last year, he outfitted the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, and, in the past, the label has dressed Richard Gere in American Gigolo, Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, and Sean Connery in the The Untouchables, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, and he’s even dabbled in pop star duds, creating costumes for Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Tour. No doubt, the Armani-clad Foster is in pretty good company.

Photo:© 2013, Columbia Pictures

A Few Good Men—Besides Marc Jacobs—Try Skirts


As the costume designer of Gossip Girl, Eric Daman knows from plaid skirts. So he was an obvious choice to jazz up the proceedings at the eighth annual Dressed to Kilt party and men-in-skirts fashion show, hosted by Hollywood’s go-to Scots, Sir Sean and Lady Connery. “Oh, I did my research. I hunted around and found this great Web site,, that sells them in all sorts of fabrics,” Daman said of his classic red tartan. He was on hand to judge the charity runway show (proceeds went to various veterans’ causes through the Erskine Hospital), but with his stacks of bejeweled bangles and layers of necklaces, he showed up a few of the catwalkers. “Well, yeah, I had to put my own spin on things,” the stylist admitted with a smile. “But I would love to see Gerard Butler in a kilt.”

Daman wasn’t the only one hoping for a glimpse of The Bounty Hunter star, but it turned out Butler, who was expected to hit the catwalk, missed the event because he went a bit closer to the source—the actor was rumored to be currently in Scotland. Never mind, there was plenty of action on the runway sans Mr. 300. Kyle MacLachlan (pictured) accessorized with combat boots. Joan Jett managed to make her Scottish ensemble very Gareth Pugh by accessorizing her look with a maxi patent black leather coat and a Mohawk feathered headdress by the young milliner William Chambers. Al Roker, who told us he “wasn’t all that nervous” despite it being his first ever fashion show, ended up doing a jig down the runway. And Donald Trump, Jr., pulled off a mustard yellow and black kilt with admirable style while Trump, Sr. (who gamely stated earlier, “Sure, I would wear a kilt”) and Melania cheered him on. But it was Marcus Schenkenberg who nailed the motto of the evening. A Dressed to Kilt veteran, the male model had this bit of advice: “You just let it all hang loose.”

Photo: Lloyd Bishop

Blasblog: LV hearts Earth Day


I know, I know—there comes a point when all this green living gets to be too much. Like, now socialite galas have to be green, and designers are making green dresses out of organic cotton, and people look at you weird in the grocery store if you’re not buying locally grown, sustainable fish for dinner. To be honest, it’s all a little confusing. (Can someone just tell me right now if clean coal is actually good? Barack says it’s the future, but those Kennedys are telling me “clean coal is a dirty lie.” Jeez.) Thank goodness for Louis Vuitton; they’re making it simple to tithe to Mother Nature this year. For today only, which is Earth Day, by the way, the fashion luxury conglomerate will donate 15 percent of all U.S. online sales to the Climate Project, the Al Gore organization that focuses on raising awareness about global warming. Vuitton has made contributions to the organization in the past in the names of campaign faces like Catherine Deneuve, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, Keith Richards, Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola, and Sean Connery. “We’re committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable development,” said Antoine Arnault, the head of communications at the French luxury goods house. So for today at least, buying that famous monogram means that you love the earth as much as you love yourself! If you need another excuse, in addition to Earth Day, today is also my birthday—and I’ve never turned down a little bit of L(o)V(e).