April 18 2014

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David Bailey Jumps on the Selfie “Masturbation” Bandwagon


David Bailey

What is it with fashion icons of a certain age and masturbation this week? On Tuesday, Karl Lagerfeld told the Guardian that he despised selfies, calling them a form of “electronic masturbation.” Considering the inherent narcissism of the new age phenomenon, we think he’s on to something. And photographer David Bailey agrees. Bailey told London’s Evening Standard, “I didn’t even know what a selfie was until six months ago. I thought it meant masturbation. Although of course it is masturbation of a sort.” Wait until he finds out what else people are doing with their camera phones.

Photo: Wireimage 

Do You “Showroom”?



The Oxford Dictionaries, purveyor of the be-all and end-all reference, the Oxford English Dictionary, has spoken. The 2013 word of the year—though I confess I was rooting for obsessed—is selfie. The word, which at this point probably needs no definition, is, of course, a self-portrait by smartphone, usually intended for social media. But I was as interested in the runners-up list, which includes, among entrants like bitcoin and binge-watch this curious verb:

showrooming, noun: the practice of visiting a shop or shops in order to examine a product before buying it online at a lower price. [ORIGIN early 21st century: from SHOWROOM, "a room used to display goods for sale."]

The word, if not the practice, is new to me. Which makes me wonder: Has the world been labeling its online-comparison shopping all this time under my nose? Style File readers: Do you showroom?

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