August 23 2014

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20 posts tagged "Selfridges"

Hood By Air Hits the UK


Selfridges Host Hood By Air for London Collections: Men

Few brands command such a cult following as New York-based Hood By Air. Helmed by Shayne Oliver, the label has acquired such a cool crew of fans that the mighty retailer Selfridges cherry-picked it to be one of the twenty brands featured in the department store’s new men’s contemporary concept floor, which, opening this week, will offer plenty of street, skate, and attitude.

By way of celebration, then, last night the Selfridges parking garage was transformed into a skate-park-cum-nightclub, and on display were pieces from HBA’s Spring ’14 collection with an Anglo twist. The label partnered with British heritage knitwear brand Corgi to create some sumptuous one-offs. “I wanted to collaborate with a brand that was steeped in tradition,” explained Oliver. “The idea was to pull together a contrast between that and our rebellious nature. You know, that old craftsmanship and handmade stuff. That’s something that we lack a little bit in America, and I wanted to work with a brand that represented the opposite of fast fashion. It was a little tribute to our coming to the UK and to Selfridges.” Continue Reading “Hood By Air Hits the UK” »

Rollinson Rising


Sam Rollinson in J Brand's Fall '13 campaign

Sam Rollinson stormed onto the scene in 2010, after Burberry cast her in its Fall ad campaign. Since, it’s been nothing but up for the model. Last season alone she walked in a total of sixty-two shows, and today we can reveal that Rollinson is the face of J Brand‘s Fall ’13 campaign. Shot by Craig McDean and styled by Karl Templer, the images (which debut here, above, and below) are sleek, severe, and pared down—allowing the label’s dark denim, leather jackets, and track pants, as well as Rollinson and, of course, her razor-sharp cheekbones, to pop. The model also stars in the campaign for the Little Black Jean collection—J Brand’s new range, which, launching this June, was created exclusively for Selfridges’ new Denim Studio. The Fall ’13 ads will hit magazines this August. Continue Reading “Rollinson Rising” »

Around the World With Hood By Air


Shayne Oliver and Hood by Air's new backpackBy now, it’s been established that New York-based Hood by Air has become a cult favorite. And, considering his smorgasbord of upcoming projects, founder and designer Shayne Oliver has proven that the streetwear line is no fleeting niche sensation. Last weekend, Hood by Air launched Morph—a conceptual pop-up in L.A.’s Scion AV Installation space that marked the brand’s West Coast retail debut. The shop’s Saturday opening—which was attended by diehard HBA fan, and the star of Oliver’s Fall ’13 show, A$AP Rocky—doubled as the launch of an eight-piece made-to-order luggage capsule. Running between $800 to $2,500, the range includes a black leather backpack with clever ball-and-chain detailing and a skeletal fetish-inspired latex hiking bag (left). “It’s subversive luxury luggage,” Oliver told “The line has to do with me playing more with the actual realm of luxury. With these bags, I’m confronting that sense head-on and feeling things out for myself.”


The travel accessories are just one facet of Hood by Air’s expansion beyond its signature “ghetto goth” sweatshirts and tees. On June 16, an HBA knitwear capsule will land at Selfridges department store in London. The unveiling of a denim line at New York’s Milk Studios will follow in September. And during the Spring ’14 Paris shows, Oliver will introduce suits and jackets as part of the label’s move into formal menswear. No doubt, big things are happening for the 25-year-old designer, who launched HBA in 2006. But the talent is humbled by his growing fan base’s veritable obsession with the label. “I take it as a nod to what I’m doing,” he said. “I’m just building an aesthetic, and a brand, and a place for myself in fashion. I don’t quite know how to take it, because I’m shy. I just see it as gratitude.”

Hood by Air’s Morph will be open through June 16 at the
 Scion AV Installation
 space, 7667 Melrose Avenue, 
Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Photo: Aleks Kocev /

Exclusive: Selfridges Is Dreaming of A Bruce Weber Christmas


Alannah Weston’s favorite book as a child was From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler, the story of two children who decide to spend the night in the Metropolitan Museum. An advantage of being a scion of one of world’s great retail dynasties is that Weston got to re-create that childhood fantasy as a Christmas campaign, only now it’s a night in Selfridges, the legendary London department store where she is creative director. And she had as her co-conspirator the equally legendary Bruce Weber. “As a kid, I always wanted to run around a department store at night, fantasizing that I could buy anything I wanted,” he recalls. “Years later, as a teenager, I remember seeing a TV show with Barbra Streisand after-hours in Bergdorf’s and I thought, ‘Boy, is she lucky!’ “

Weston and Weber go back, at least to the mid-nineties. “We share a lot of things in life, especially dogs and art,” says the photographer. She calls his massive career overview Blood, Sweat and Tears her bible. They last worked together two years ago, on a shoe campaign for Selfridges. “Everything has to have a bit of a twist for me,” says Weston. “I’m not much of a fashion person. There always has to be a story.” Which makes Weber, the past master of the implied narrative, a dream collaborator for her. In that last campaign, a handsome fireman turned into a superhero in the ladies’ shoe department. In this new one, a ballerina meets a poet, a beautiful young Grace Jones lookalike is lovestruck by a boxer. He’s holding a puppy while she soothes his bruised eye. It’s a quintessential Weber moment, young outsiders meeting in a romantic fantasy…with dogs. There’s also a wizard, a Rasta Santa, five ponies, a handful of adorable kids, and Tim Easton, the face of Weber’s iconic campaigns for Ralph Lauren in the eighties. That mix of old, new, and slightly skewed is a Weber signature. “I still photograph people I met 30 years ago, so I do have a big repertory company—old friends, parents of models, my favorite dogs I meet walking around the neighborhood, people I’d love to dance with, others I’d like to play football with. As you can see, the people I’m drawn to in my work are limitless. I like it when a sitting is like making a vegetable soup from scratch.”

Weston’s sentiments exactly. “Knowing Bruce’s film work, knowing his documentary work, I wouldn’t be looking for the same thing his other clients would be looking for,” she explains. Which is why the meat of the campaign is the two short films Weber has made. A New-Fashioned Christmas captures the fairy-tale Nutcracker-meets-The Big Store spirit of the whole endeavor. Have Yourself a Count Basie Christmas (see it here, exclusively on is more impressionistic, a little wilder. “I think New-Fashioned represents Alannah’s quieter self and Count Basie reflects her party self,” says Weber. Something that stands out in both films is how un-promotional they are. “I never think of selling something when I make films like these,” he agrees. “I think of what the experience is and what it means to the person we are collaborating with.” Adds Weston, with a wry laugh, “The only thing you can buy in the whole shoot is the T-shirt for Kids Company, the charity we’re promoting.”

That same unconventional spirit permeates the advertising campaign made up of stills lifted from the movies. Come Christmas, billboards all over London will be plastered with an image of Weber’s boxer, back to the camera in his yellow robe. Given the season, it’s kind of audacious, but Alannah Weston wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s been one of those experiences that changes you.”

Photos: Bruce Weber / Courtesy of Selfridge’s

Karl Lagerfeld Hits London


“Not unless I have to.” That was Karl Lagerfeld’s answer when he was asked how often he comes to London. Nothing personal against the city, mind. He just prefers to travel when he has something clearly defined to do at his destination. And last night was as good a reason as any: the launch of his own Karl collections for men and women, exclusive to Selfridge’s. A platoon of Karl-clad androids formed an honor guard outside the store, while guests waited in a Karl-customized space on the rooftop. And waited. At one point, a helicopter hovered tantalizingly close. Suzy Menkes waved hopefully, to no avail. When he finally made it, Lagerfeld chose the specially customized elevator over a rope ladder.

Karlettes old and new clustered. Juno Temple admitted she’s been nursing an obsession for fine lingerie since she was 13. Bear that in mind when you see her in the astonishing—and NC-17-rated—Killer Joe. Bip Ling accessorized with the stand-up collar and fingerless leather gloves that are Lagerfeld signatures, but she was keen for the world to know that the apricot leather sheath she was shoe-horned into was also from the Karl collection. “He does color,” she chirped.

After just two days of sunshine, everyone had effortlessly switched to full-on summer mode. Easy for Selfridge’s Creative Director Alannah Weston, just back from celebrating her 40th in Puglia. And Daphne Guinness looked positively tanned after a sojourn in LA. Lagerfeld himself was on British soil for five hours before flying back to Paris, then on to Rome, then back to St Tropez for the summer. But I somehow doubt that a tan is on his crowded agenda.

Click below for an exclusive video interview with Lagerfeld.