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An Art Star Turned Scarf Tsar


British artist Marc Quinn is no stranger to the fashion world. The so-called YBA made headlines in the aughts with Siren, his solid-gold statue of a nude, yoga-posing Kate Moss, reportedly the largest gold statue made since the days of the Pharaohs. And while Kate herself is branching into jewelry with a collection for the French label Fred inspired by her own tattoos, Quinn is also taking his first steps into the accessories market, with a new capsule line for Selfridges.

Not that he draws a distinction between one genre and another. “I don’t consider these works as accessories, I just consider them as part of my work,” Quinn told “They are, in a way, living artworks when someone wears them and I have always been interested in taking art out of the gallery and into the real world. Clothing is the perfect way to do this.”

The limited-edition collection of scarves, T-shirts, and jewelry draws on some of the same imagery that inspires his work: eyeballs, flowers, and skulls, that last being a symbol still enjoying a long moment in both fashion and art. (Think of Quinn’s sculpture of his own head made of his own frozen blood, or Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted memento mori.) “The skull has been used for centuries in art and design,” Quinn says. “Why it has come up particularly at the moment is perhaps because the more virtual our existence becomes, the more immortal we feel and we have a deep anxiety about death which these decorative skulls somehow dispel or mock.”

Photo: Courtesy of Selfridges

London Fashion Week Is Off To A Royal Start


Nothing like a royal benediction to kick off fashion week, and last night, that’s exactly what London got. At the lawn of Clarence House (Prince Charles’ London pad), Mayor Boris Johnson, Livia Firth (the eco-minded Mrs. Colin), Laura Bailey and a smattering of ladies, lords and baronets attended an eco-sustainable fashion show, presented as part of the Prince’s START festival. (For those not in the know, the old guy is rather a hippie where the environment is concerned.) Appropriate pieces from Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Emma Watson’s collection for People Tree hit the catwalk, with Erin O’Connor leading the way. The garments were made of recycled fabrics, buttons, and military-issue shirts. (Scratch that, the Prince’s people are calling it “upcycled” rather than “recycled”—upcycled is “the more fashionable cousin.”) The whole thing charmingly embodied England’s old post-war credo of “make do and mend.”

Speaking of making do, who couldn’t make do with a vending machine that sells couture instead of M&M’s?  LOVE‘s Katie Grand and Selfridges got together to create such a vending machine, which will be housed for the duration of LFW in the lobby of the swankiest hotel in London, St Martin’s Lane. (Appropriate, considering it’s the temporary home to tons of visiting editors, models, photogs, buyers, and fashion clients.) Grand ran riot through Selfridges and cherry-picked her favorite items for the 32-slot LOVE Machine (below). It dispenses a Stella McCartney Falabella bag (left), an Alexander Wang leather and sequin dress, a one-off pair of Rick Owens trainers customized by Chrome Hearts, exclusive Dior nail polishes, Diptyque Mimosa candles exclusive to Selfridges in their signature yellow, and for the gents, Falke’s new “secret socks” for men. A word to the wise, though: Know your size. It’s tough to return an item to a vending machine.

Photos: Courtesy of LOVE

The Mother Of All Rummage Sales


Want to know what it’s like to walk a mile in Gwyneth Paltrow’s shoes? Head to Selfridges on Sunday, where London trio Yasmin LeBon, Lisa B., and Trinny Woodall will host the “Really, Really Great Garage Sale” (or car boot sale, as they’re lovingly known in the U.K.).

The ladies have taken over the first-floor parking lot of the department store and called upon their A-list friends in support of Mothers4Children, which benefits children’s charities worldwide. So don’t go expecting your usual moth-bitten flea market stuff. Instead, there will be goodies such as Paltrow’s Balenciaga boots, Lily Allen’s signed Reeboks, Liz Hurley’s Helmut Lang suit, Jemima Khan’s Prada dress, and LeBon’s own Tod’s sandals. We caught up with Simon’s better half and the mother of their three teenage girls earlier this week, and she told us that no one in the LeBon household is off-duty on Sunday: “I’ve made sure all my family and friends are involved in some way—it’s really exciting because the sale will offer some incredible pieces with a story to tell.” And no doubt, a bargain to be had.

Photo: Courtesy of Selfridges

The Erin Invasion


Two hours before her in-store appearance at Selfridges Thursday, Erin Wasson stood before the mirror in her hotel room in a pair of Fall ’09 Phi two-buckle creeper platforms, taking a pair of shears to a dress. “Too short?” she wondered aloud, having hacked a solid few inches off one of her floral Erin Wasson x RVCA sundresses for Spring. “Nah, I think it’s good,” she decided, evening the hem. “It’s all good.” This is how a person gets a reputation for “effortless, low-key style,” as Ros Leach, Selfridges’ women’s contemporary buyer, describes it. “Erin’s been a talking point in our buying office for a long time now,” Leach noted as Wasson arrived for the event at the Oxford Street flagship. The Erin Wasson x RVCA merch had just hit the floor, two fresh-faced models were decked out in Erin Wasson x RVCA outfits, and a crowd of girls were massing, waiting to get their hands on the stuff. (More than a few looks would sell out before the end of the event.) “It’s humbling,” Wasson commented. “I still can’t get over the fact that these people want to come out to see little old me.”

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Extra, Extra: Preen’s New Bags


Some brands are tortoises. Others are hares. Preen is incontrovertibly—and in the best way possible—the former. Over the past dozen years, Preen designers Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton have taken an incrementalist approach as they’ve gone from hawking togs at the Portobello Arcade to selling out their Power dress on Net-a-Porter. Now the designers are making the leap into accessories, launching a range of bags for Spring 2009. True to their tortoise-y nature, however, Bregazzi and Thornton are getting ahead, rather than getting ahead of themselves: There are a modest four styles in Preen’s debut bag collection, all of which have been snapped up by Selfridges and Harrods in the U.K. (They’ll also be available at and “Our intention is to expand the range slowly,” says Thornton. “We’ll be adding a few extra styles for Fall, but we really hope to keep things tight.” The focus for now, he adds, is on playing with the bags’ fabrications and finishes and thinking about ways to update details on the Quatro (pictured above at left), $750, and the Roxy (on the right), $538, the two styles that will be recurring staples. Not that Bregazzi and Thornton don’t have a little time left over for plotting Preen’s next move. “Shoes,” says Thornton. “But we’ve got to build on the bags first.” Slow and steady wins the race.