August 22 2014

styledotcom This weekend, dare to wear mom jeans:

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Dsquared²’s Night On The Town


Dsquared²’s Dean and Dan Caten have built up quite a library of quirky fashion films—and they’ve added to it for Fall ’13. Today, they’ve released Hot as Ice—a short by up-and-coming director Senio Zapruder that showcases this season’s men’s and women’s collections, which are dubbed #lanouvellenoir and #lesdamesmasculines, respectively. While its setting was inspired by a smoky 1940s New Orleans lounge, the flick blends a little New York and a dash of Paris, infused with a decadent Chinese edge. In fact, the dialogue is entirely in Chinese—with subtitles, of course. “Chinese aesthetics have a different kind of severe, regal allure,” offered the designers of the concept behind their latest cinematic endeavor.

The video stars Fallou Gueye and Sung Hee, the latter of whom fiddles with Champagne glasses, marches with a trumpet, and even plays some iteration of sartorial golf with a clarinet and brightly hued handbags while showing off Dsquared²’s Fall wares. An apt expression of the brand’s signature fusion of glamour and wacky fun, the film debuts exclusively above.

Dean and Dan Caten: Crank Yankers²


Dsquared²‘s Dean and Dan Caten have taken a cinematic approach to showcasing their collections of late (who could forget last season, when the pair dressed up in drag for their Spring ’13 film?). In order to tell the story behind their Pre-Fall ’13 range, the brothers have expanded upon their Resort video, in which Cara Delevingne—dressed in the house’s glam-gone-grunge wares—screams into a gritty pay phone. Lensed by Senio Zapruder, the new short (above) stars Jasmine Tookes, who prank calls Delevingne while wearing Dsquared²’s decadent vintage Hollywood looks. “[Resort and Pre-Fall] are two very different types of collections—Jasmine is all thirties, and Cara is nineties sexy—but it was an interesting way to connect them,” offered Dan, noting that previous Dsquared² girls, including Lindsey Wixson and Jessica Stam, make cameos as x-ed-out images in Jasmine’s diary.

“We have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously; that’s what makes our job interesting,” said Dan when asked about he and Dean’s penchant for dramatics—apparent not only in their videos but also on the runway (Spring ’14 menswear, anyone?). “Sometimes we get bitched out about it, but if we had to be serious and political, and think too much, we would get bored. So whatever; we’re not boring like that yet, and when I am, I will probably stop doing what I do,” he added.

The designers feel it’s important to work with young talent on their creative projects—director Zapruder is a student, and Stefano Riva, who wrote the music for the short, is only 17. “Young people have a lot of fresh ideas and energy. And they know stuff! I’m almost 50, I don’t go out as much as I should, and kids keep you attached to the world,” said Dan.

The brand’s next project will be a film for its new underwear line. “It’s going to be super, super hot,” said Dan. “Like hard-core hot. And we just did a baby collection…. I’m sure we could do a couple things for that royal baby.”