August 30 2014

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The Fur Still Flies In Seoul


The Fashion Almanac is predicting winter 2010 will be a cold one—at least, you could believe as much from the endless furs that swaddled models on the runways of New York, Milan, Paris, and now Seoul. (Cynics might argue the deep pockets of show-sponsoring furriers have a little something to do with it, too.) But here in Seoul, there’s a different explanation: Avatar. “People love Avatar here,” said Serina Hwang, the popular presenter for Arirang TV, Korea’s fashion TV station. “They are inspired by it, and when you think of tribalism mixed with luxe, then fur is the fallback.” Back Seoul’s designers fell, into a mass of fur details unprecedented on Korean catwalks. Furry pieces were in evidence at almost every show in the Setec main trade show space and at the more chic Kring Art Center showcase for Generation Next’s emerging designers. Doii Paris, a favorite of Hwang’s and like-minded feminine dressers, paired print dresses and glittery, floral jackets with gray fur collars and trailing fur scarves. Jin Teok (pictured), one of the Setec shows’ senior designers, went one step further, showing fur jodhpurs, oversized trapper hats, detached fur cuffs, and grand fur sleeves over ladylike lace dresses.

Photo: Seoul Fashion Week