August 20 2014

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8 posts tagged "Shepard Fairey"

Blasblog: Shepard Fairey Opens At The ICA


Shepard Fairey is an artist of efficiency. Most of his works, from the Andre the Giant stickers of last decade to the Obama Hope poster, are created in about 24 houses. Take that Obama poster. “Did it one night,” says Fairey. “I looked through some references on the Internet, found some that conveyed leadership and patriotism—and hope, obviously—and then converged blue and red in the middle, as a unification of the blue and red in America.” That was one year ago last month, and we all bore witness to the speed at which the image permeated to become the visual iconography of the entire campaign. (He did wait until he had the official OK from the then candidate’s camp. “I’ve been arrested a bunch of times for street art,” he explains. “I wouldn’t want to hurt the campaign.”) Continue Reading “Blasblog: Shepard Fairey Opens At The ICA” »

Party Politics: Navigating The Inaugural Scene


Inaugurations are often a painful cocktail of mother-of-the-bride gowns and cash bars. But Obama-mania has Washington, D.C., poised for what may be the biggest party there since, well, ever. BET kicks things off on Saturday night honoring Mary J. Blige and Magic Johnson, among others at a gala at the Warner Theatre. The balls get started in earnest on Sunday with a fête honoring The Washington Post‘s African-American-focused Web site The Root, which is expected to draw Spike Lee, Sarah Jessica Parker, and possibly Oprah—though her inaugural plans have been more closely guarded than Obama himself. Mayor Adrian Fenty will be keeping things more low-key at the Embassy of Kuwait, mixing a who’s who of famous Washington wonks (Bob Woodward, Arianna Huffington), deep-pocketed potential donors (Mort Zuckerman, Ronald Lauder), and Hollywood heavyweights (George Lucas) with maybe a Tory Burch and an Elisabeth Shue thrown in for good measure. Meanwhile Shepard Fairey ups the cool quotient with a preview of his new exhibit Manifest Hope, where Santogold, Moby and De La Soul will perform. Continue Reading “Party Politics: Navigating The Inaugural Scene” »

Check, Cash, or Cavalli


Roberto Cavalli’s new design for a branded Mastercard features an iridescent snakeskin print in colors that echo the designer’s yacht. So wrong, yet somehow so right.

Can there be Mad Men without Weiner? Creator, executive producer, head writer Matthew Weiner, that is.

Lindsay and Sean are at it again. The twosome was spotted at Nobu in L.A., with SamRo nowhere in sight; if Page Six’s tipster is to be believed (and why not?), Sam and Lindsay are over. Looks like we might have a LoPenn on our hands.

Barack Obama’s inspirational graphic designer—the man behind those Rodchenko-esque Hope posters—has gone from selling possibility to pushing shopping bags. Too bad they’re not handbags so that we could use our “Change Purses You Can Believe In” joke.

Photo: Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli