August 23 2014

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The Audience Takes Center Stage


Tomorrow night, Shipley & Halmos’ Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley will unveil a new book, Everyone Must Be Announced, by their longtime friend, the photographer Aaron Stern, at New York’s Milk Gallery. The idea for the the tome, produced under their S&H Publishers imprint, first came about roughly eight months ago when the designers, both avid music fans, came across Stern’s photo blog and noticed his unusual vantage point. The 100-page book, curated by Shipley, Halmos, and Stern, documents Sonic Youth, Beach House, and Grizzly Bear concerts, among others, but there are only a few images of actual performers and most are not entirely visible. Instead, the images depict the crowds, the trash left behind, and the emotion that comes with seeing a live show. “Everyone who goes to see live music takes something away,” Halmos told “Whether it’s incredible lighting or the fans going crazy, not only the crowd feeds off it, but the band does as well. With this book, we wanted to put the focus on the experience of seeing live music rather than the band itself.” Added Stern: “When you hear a song or verse that has meaning, I think the stress of everyday life fades away for a few minutes.”

Everyone Must Be Announced, $50, is available on The corresponding exhibition and book signing is Wednesday at Milk Gallery, 450 W. 15th St., NYC, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Photos: Aaron Stern

Pats And Eddie Are Back For More, Angelina’s Up (Maybe) For Vuitton, Kim Gordon Gets Some Air, And More…


They’re back, darling! U.K. fashion mavens Patsy and Edina of Absolutely Fabulous return; Joanna Lumley, who played Patsy on the seminal Britcom, revealed that she and Saunders are recording three new episodes this summer for BBC1. Co-stars Jane Horrocks and Julia Sahwalla will return as well. [Hollywood Reporter]

Angelina Jolie: the new face of Louis Vuitton? [E via Racked]

Sonic Youth front woman Kim Gordon is working on painting these days—two of her pieces will hit the affordable-art site Exhibition A this Wednesday—but buried in Women’s Wear Daily‘s art-centric interview with Gordon is this little tidbit: She’s also working on a capsule collection of pieces for the French fashion label Surface to Air. [WWD]

And learn the rules of style from one of fashion’s nicest couples: Lisa Mayock (Vena Cava) and Jeff Halmos (Shipley & Halmos). Their tips? Men’s cologne for girls, Braun beard trimmers for boys, and lots of cheese in Saint-Tropez for everyone. [Details]

Photo: Getty Images

They’re The Kids In America


Shipley & Halmos are giving fans their 15 minutes. Readers of this blog may recall from back in August when Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos chronicled the Texan leg of their “Fill In the Blank” tour for, the raffish duo spent the summer hopping from Barneys to Barneys across the country, shooting portraits of disciples (like those seen here) for a book, We’re an American _______. It’s now available at and alongside the collection in select Barneys stores.

Photo: Courtesy of Shipley & Halmos

Shipley & Halmos Offer A Few Good Things


They’ve had this date from the beginning. “Before we started our company, the first thing we did was design our label,” explains Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos. “We wanted our label to have not just our brand name on it but also a message about what we make and what the brand stands for in some way. It says, ‘An offering of clothing and things created with hand, health, and heart.’ We put the ‘and things’ in there because we always knew that Shipley & Halmos would one day take on more product extensions beyond clothing, whether that’s books, furniture, whatever it is we wanted to create. When we started to work on this, we always knew that Things was going to be the name—it’s right there on the label.”

He’s talking about Things! by Shipley & Halmos, a new e-commerce shop for collaborations and miscellanea that launches today on the new, revamped The site won’t sell the duo’s men’s and women’s collections—not yet, at least—but will be featuring a regularly updated assortment of products that, Halmos says, inspire them.

At the launch, those include a co-branded Moleskin Notebook ($45), which comes with sketches pulled from Sam Shipley’s Numerous Drawings daily doodle blog. Hand-illustrated playing cards ($55, above) created by a friend of the designers are an “ode to New York”—the King, Queen, and Jack are New York personalities from the worlds of art and entertainment, like Woody Allen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Martin Scorsese. And S&H once again worked with Philip Crangi—with whom they’ve collaborated before, but never on an item available for purchase—on a “class ring” ($495, inset), with a company mantra (Vita Brevis, Ars Longa—”Life Is Short, Art Is Long”), their birth year (’79), and 8, the number of their Greene Street office and studio. “Shipley & Halmos is not meant to be exclusive; it’s supposed to be inclusive,” Halmos explains. “We want to have a dialogue with customers. A class ring seems fitting in that way. People can be part of our class—part of the posse.”

Photos: Courtesy of Shipley & Halmos

24 Hours In Austin With Shipley & Halmos


Shipley & Halmos’ Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley (above, left to right) are currently touring the U.S.A., stopping in at Barneys locations nationwide. After spending a day in Austin, they sent back some of their favorite parts of their visit to the Lone Star State. We’re booking our tickets today.

We are in the middle of a two-week tour of the U.S. of A., shooting portraits of customers at Barneys for a book we are publishing and releasing this fall. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Texas. Are all the rumors true? Should we really not mess with Texas? Is everything really bigger in Texas? We started in Houston and stopped in Austin on our way to Dallas. Somehow neither of us had ever visited Austin before, and suffice it to say, we loved it! Continue Reading “24 Hours In Austin With Shipley & Halmos” »