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Editor Obsessions: Altewaisaome Whiskey Top


_altewaisaometopMy closet is littered with more than a few “dramatic exit” tops that I rarely wear. Regardless of how much I like them, they tend to leave me feeling too exposed to sport to the office. This one, however, from the Swedish label Altewaisaome, isn’t going to be getting dusty like the rest of my split-back shirts. With its generous boxy proportions, sharp lines, and V-back, it ticks all the boxes. Plus, it’s a perfect daytime counterpart to eveningwear’s latest leanings toward a more covered-up cool.

Altewaisaome Whiskey top, $399, Buy it now.

Photo: Courtesy of Altewaisaome

TenOverSix Goes Bicoastal


There seems to be no East Coast/West Coast rivalry when it comes to fashion and design—at least that’s what we learned this past Friday at the Hollywood boutique TenOverSix. Co-owners Brady Cunningham and Kristen Lee opened their doors—and their Web cams—to Williamsburg-based The Future Perfect for the group show Hue Are You. The most interactive part of the show was the installation by Marc Horowitz—a scavenger hunt where partygoers were furiously searching for Behr paint chips tucked away in corners, redeemable inside the shop for a Christmas-wrapped gift. As the show is simultaneously being held in New York, there was a live video feed of each party to the other one, proving you can be two places at once. And since Cunningham and Lee are adept multitaskers, they previewed their Fall accessories and ready-to-wear collections as well. Clothing, handbags, and shoes were strategically placed around a koi pond in the courtyard, while Joe Cole’s VHS tape of the two partners at work on a makeshift assembly line, clad in lab coats and plastic animal masks, ran on an ivy-covered wall above. Coats were plentiful, in one-of-a-kind vintage wools with removable hoods. “You can tell I lived in New York because of my coat obsession!’ Cunningham noted, adding, “I’m always trying to make that perfect one that translates to L.A.” Equally as covetable was a hand-painted, quilted bag, which at first glance looked like Chanel/Goyard lovechild.

Photo: Courtesy of TENOVERSIX

Erin Wasson Wants You To Shop Her Closet


Attention, SoCal Style Filers: Erin Wasson is having a garage sale tomorrow at her boyfriend’s Venice Beach store Rogue Status. The designing model-muse is ridding herself of nearly a decade of fashion, including pieces from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Burberry, and Chanel and a sizable cache of Marc Jacobs (perhaps even the Spring 2002 look pictured here) from the days when Jacobs paid his girls in merch. “My style has gotten a lot simpler and now that I’m designing, I want to wear my own stuff,” explains Wasson, who promises that no price tag will exceed $100, with most hovering around the $20 mark. At any rate, it’s guilt-free shopping. Remember: Used clothes are the ultimate in eco-chic. All proceeds go to the Best Friends Animal Charity, which operates a sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals in Utah, where Wasson plans to drive post-sale to deliver the donation herself.

Erin’s Garage Sale: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., 1720 Main St., Venice, Calif.

Photo: JB Villareal

Michel Gaubert, Frustrated Shopper


Fashion week notes from the legendary Parisian sound designer.

Background Photo: Kuo-Yu Slayer Chuang

The Hard Sell: Cha-Ching or Buh-Bye?


Apparently, this holiday season has some salespeople working extra hard to get that merch moving. In addition to hovering and offering unsolicited advice, there’s also dancing and singing going on. But does the hard sell help or hinder? I tend to believe that less is more. When I walk into a store and an overly enthusiastic salesperson doesn’t let me browse in peace, I walk out. In fact, there’s one boutique I used to frequent but no longer do because of a pushy owner who would goad me into plunking my already weary credit card down simply by repeating “That looks amazing on you” like some sort of magical retail mantra. And you could only return for a credit or exchange. Forbidden! But I suppose there’s a fine line between helpful and annoying—and every shopper’s tolerance level differs. What about you, Style Filers? How do you feel about pushy salespeople? How do you like to shop?

Photo: Bettman / Corbis