September 2 2014

styledotcom Yves Carcelle, longtime LVMH executive, dies at 66

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Karl Lagerfeld: Interior Designer


Karl LagerfeldBecause he hasn’t lent his name to enough collaborations, clothing lines, video games, and various other merchandise, Karl Lagerfeld is now designing two of Le Crillon’s most luxurious suites. The iconic Paris hotel, which, as well as the Ritz, has long been the preferred fashion week lodging establishment for editors, will be closed until 2015 due to an extensive renovation. Knowing Karl, we’re expecting his revamped suites to boast lots of black and white, as well as an appropriately plush resting place for travelers’ privileged feline friends (cough, Choupette). But perhaps he’ll do something completely different—as Silvia Fendi once told us, “Karl will surprise you.”

Photo: Evans Cagiage /

Fendi’s Fountains


It would appear that Fendi’s got a thing for fountains—or, at least, for Rome’s Trevi and Four Fountains. The Eternal City’s marble marvels date back to the eighteenth and sixteenth centuries, respectively, and while each is a cultural landmark (La Dolce Vita, anyone?), the centuries-old sites could do with a facelift. Enter Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Fendi, and Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari. Today, at a press conference during Alta Roma (the city’s equivalent of Paris’ Haute Couture shows), the trio discussed the house’s new $2.5 million “Fendi for Fountains” fund, which will, over the course of four years, help Rome restore its treasured watering holes. “I think this is a great project. The Trevi Fountain is like San Pietro and the Colosseum,” said Lagerfeld, who announced that he’ll be releasing a photography book about Rome’s fountains later this year. “It will be called The Glory of Water,” he said.

Fendi has deep roots in Rome. And along with its effort to beautify its home city, the house will restore, and hopefully rerelease, Histoire d’Eau, a 1977 film the five Fendi sisters produced with Karl Lagerfeld. The movie features model Susy Dyson, who plays a German tourist in Rome. “It was the first film made by a fashion house,” Silvia Fendi told “This was done the year Fendi began ready-to-wear,” she added, noting they shot the film rather than putting on a fashion show. “She (Dyson) sunbathes and takes a bath in every fountain in Rome, wearing Fendi, of course. And she collects all the different waters in a bottle.” If the restoration project is a success, Fendi may host a fashion show at the Trevi Fountain in 2015—the year will mark the house’s ninetieth anniversary.

Photo: Courtesy of Fendi