August 28 2014

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Mindy Tweets, Karlie Strips, And
Naomi Tells Us What She Really Thinks…


The Office actress and writer Mindy Kaling is one of our favorite writers—and Twitterers. The fashion-world tweets she cooked up for Harper’s Bazaar are fictional, the mag cautions—but we’re willing to believe there’s a grain of truth buried in there somewhere. If not truth, at least wisdom. To wit: “At Betsey Johnson, in a tutu and fauxhawk. Have decided Helena Bonham Carter should play Betsey in The Betsey Johnson Story. #NYFW 4 hours ago.” Why didn’t we think of that? [Bazaar]

Cathy Horyn takes to the Times to discuss Mugler and the cult of Nicola Formichetti—and comes out with a fairly spirited defense of the collaboration. It’s worth a read this afternoon. [NYT]

Models—they grow up so fast! Just a minute ago, it feels like, Karlie Kloss was a 16-year-old newbie. She’s still all of about 18 years old, but she’s looking rather adult posing in the buff with pal Jourdan Dunn for i-D‘s Exhibitionist Issue. [Fashionologie]

And speaking of top models, they (and the rest of the rich and famous) have got a powerful new ally in British businessman and magnate Sir David Tang. He’s created a new Web site, ICorrect that allows high-profile members to publicly refute anything written about them (or purportedly written by them) in the press. Kate Moss paid the thousand-pound fee to clarify that she has no Twitter account, despite many claiming to be her; and Naomi Campbell wants you to know that she is not glad that Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup over England. (For what it’s worth: “”I have never ever expressed any opinion either way about whether FIFA made the right choice for where the 2018 World Cup should be held—I wouldn’t do that, not least because I don’t know enough about the technicalities or process.”) [Vogue U.K.]

Photo: Andreas Branch / Patrick McMullan

SCAD’s Night Of The Stars—Give Or Take One Or Two


That volcano in Iceland has been cramping everyone’s style lately, and the Savannah College of Art and Design is no exception. Two of the recipients of last night’s 2010 SCAD Style Étoile Awards, Catherine Deneuve and Sir David Tang, had to cancel their trips. But the show went on. Luckily for Tang, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (pictured, with Michael Douglas), was in town and perfectly willing to accept on her half brother’s behalf—although even she nearly didn’t make it. “I’ve run down the street,” Fergie explained from the podium, where she was still catching her breath.

Once she did, she quoted Lord Chesterfield from Tang’s speech: “Style is the very clothing of thought”—an appropriate sentiment for a small-scale evening devoted to celebrating, in SCAD president Paula Wallace’s words, innovators “who change the way we walk, we talk, we think.”

Among them: Graydon Carter, Peter Arnell, and decorators John Rosselli and Bunny Williams. The well-connected design school is also gearing up for the ten-day series of lectures and events it will be hosting later this month on its Georgia campus, an annual meeting of fashion minds that has introduced the likes of Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, and John Galliano to home-fried Southern hospitality in the past. “It’s always inspiring. I love the questions and also to give those kids a bit of hope and some realness,” Ruffian’s Claude Morais explained. “We also get a lot of our interns from SCAD, too,” his partner, Brian Wolk, added. So does interior designer Jonathan Adler: “I have a whole cadre of them working for me,” he said.

Photo: Nick Hunt/