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Madonna For Miu Miu, Gossip With Kelly, Garance La Newyorkaise, And More…


Coming soon: XOXO, Kelly? People’s Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone—whose reality show, Kell on Earth, aired on Bravo—has inked a deal with Gossip Girl‘s production company, Fake Empire, for an MTV show about fashion. [Racked]

Apparently, Madonna directed Miu Miu’s Fall ’10 campaign video (below), because she showed up on the shoot to take photogs Mert and Marcus to dinner and decided to direct a video instead. Siri Tollerød (left), who stars, says: “We were supposed to shoot a video, so Madonna said she wanted to direct it. They said she could do it but they weren’t going to pay her and she started laughing. She put on her iPod and taught us moves and we shot the video for two hours.” Moral of the story: Whatever Madonna wants, Madonna gets. [Elle U.K. via Paper]

Just in case you missed it (as, admittedly, we did): Garance Doré has moved to New York. See you at NYFW, Garance (we’ll be the ones impeccably attired). [Garance Doré]

And according to a new study, Wednesday at 4 p.m. is when online shopping peaks—traffic to e-commerce sites can be up to 75 percent higher than during other points in the week. Four hours until shopping time! [Telegraph via Stylelist] Continue Reading “Madonna For Miu Miu, Gossip With Kelly, Garance La Newyorkaise, And More…” »

All Business For Gisele, Prada, Pierre Bergé, And More…


The Forbes Celebrity 100 list is out, and models are well represented. Gisele (pictured; #85), Heidi Klum (#86), and Kate Moss (#91) all made the list—though, we have to admit, in the lower rungs. You’re gonna need to hustle to catch up with Taylor Swift (#12), ladies! [Forbes]

Prada is reportedly again considering an IPO, a move it has mulled and rejected several times over the past few years. The latest bid has the company going public in the first quarter of 2012. [WWD]

A group of three investors—including YSL’s late partner in business and life, Pierre Bergé—will assume control of the struggling French newspaper Le Monde. The trio’s bid was opposed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy, owing to Bergé’s close ties to socialist politics, but narrowly approved by a board vote. [Bloomberg]

And if all that business news is a little heady for a Tuesday morning, relax with a few pretty pictures. The experts at Modelinia weigh in on two new Fall campaigns: Isabel Marant (starring #91 herself, Kate Moss), and Miu Miu (starring Ginta Lapina and Siri Tollerød). [Modelinia]

Photo: Don Ashby and Olivier Chasse

“V” As In Victory


Six thousand applications later, Ford Models and V Magazine‘s V A Model Search contest has yielded a winner: one Lea Groesland from Norway. Finally, Siri Tollerød will have someone to speak to in her own tongue! If past winner Amanda Laine’s success is anything to go by (she booked Prada, Marni, and Balenciaga her first season out), Lea will be a household name by October 2009.

Photo: Courtesy of Ford Models

Blasblog From Venice: Chanel’s Venetian Holiday


Venice in the springtime is roughly 90 percent tourists, 8 percent native Venetians, and 2 percent nuns (a pack of whom nearly knocked me into a canal as I admired a collection of handsome gondoliers). But with the Chanel Resort show here tomorrow, the ratios have been twisted, and sunburned fanny-packers have been replaced by stylish fashion types. Just this afternoon I stumbled upon the chicest group of gelato-eating ladies ever collected: runway girls Siri Tollerød, Heidi Mount, Liu Wen, Charlotte di Calypso, and Denisa Dvorakova. It was like a fashion story come to life, half of them wearing hats they had bought on the street and all sucking on mini-plastic spoons. (Well, one was on the hunt for a cocktail, but I won’t say which.) The one time I don’t have a camera! Tonight Karl Lagerfeld is hosting a dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal; Rinko Kikuchi and Anna Mouglalis are expected—check back for notes on the evening. Then tomorrow night, it’s the show at the Lido, where Coco herself put one on in the late seventies. That’s a picture of the invite—a Lagerfeld sketch of Mademoiselle’s famous trip that he’ll be making his own.



Photo: Courtesy of Derek Blasberg