August 20 2014

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London Parties For Fashion Week, With Dinner, Drinks, And A Few Well-Placed Torsos


You don’t get to much shopping in the course of a busy day of London fashion-week shows. But last night, two of the city’s marquee boutiques found another way to welcome fashion weekers to town: Over in Chelsea, Joseph was hosting dinner at the store’s Joe’s Café, and back in the center of town, Browns had set up shop in the Royal Academy vaults to celebrate the store’s launch of Club Monaco in the U.K.

First, dinner. Joseph served up a nicely British repast of beet carpaccio and sea bream, one partaken of by Charles Anastase, Pat McGrath, Tamara Mellon, and Katie Hillier, as well as acclaimed chef and British-cuisine cheerleader Mark Hix. Meanwhile, over at Browns, where the likes of Tracey Emin and Sophia Hesketh could be found, Hix’s team of mixologists from his pop-up Speak Easy were treating guests to high-class cocktails, including a dangerous dark-cherry-flavored concoction. The spirit at Browns was a bit more Frenchified: The party’s host was Lou Doillon (left), and Le Baron’s André Saraiva had hopped the Channel to deejay. Or perhaps the mood was more transcontinental, what with Club Monaco being an American-owned brand, and the after-party going down at London’s recently opened outpost of the Box. Welcome to the global village.

Best to down another cherry cocktail, stop thinking about geography, and start looking at the art decorating the scene. The Royal Academy vaults had never before been opened to a private event, and the sculpture-strewn space may have been the real star of last night’s party. Vaguely creepy and seriously cool was the general verdict, and designer Saloni Lodha, who had presented her collection the previous day, was already making plans to relocate her show to the Royal Academy next season. “You think they’d let me do it?” she mused, staring up at a bank of muscular stone torsos hanging off one wall. “I mean, I don’t even know how Browns managed to pull this off. I didn’t even know this was down here!” As Doillon might have noted, après moi, le deluge.

Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

Blasblog: Douglas Friedman’s Burlesque Show


After putting together a photography show focused on large-scale architecture, Douglas Friedman was looking for a new subject when about a month ago, an idea dawned on him. Well, maybe not dawned—more like sat on his lap, shimmied, and swung pasties in his face. “After big buildings, I thought I’d do big boobs,” said Friedman. And big they were. The pictures of contemporary burlesque stars Bambi the Mermaid, Dirty Martini, Jo Boobs, and Dr. Lucky that are currently lining the walls of Ruffian’s Garment District studio were taken at the downtown club Santos Party House at a tribute show to the late legendary dancer Liz Renay. Joining the photographer at last night’s opening were Anne McNally, Sophia Hesketh, Poppy Delevingne, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, the last of whom was a little embarrassed that her own ensemble resembled one of the outfits in the pictures. “Is it weird that I have that outfit?” she asked, pointing to the Dirty Martini series. “I guess what I’m wearing is really appropriate—I love a theme.” But the photographs weren’t for everyone. “My dad came in and the first thing he said was that all the pictures were out of focus,” Friedman laughed.



Photo: Rahav Segev/WireImage


Blasblog From Moscow: Where Trends Are Born?


Sartorially speaking, the thing I’ve noticed here is how this city’s chic set really latches on to a trend: I’ve seen so many Balmain shoulders I sometimes think I’m in a game of kinky, high-heeled touch football. And don’t even get me started about the fur chubbies. I mean, I knew that fur would be big here—but it’s, like, really big here. But just when I was convinced that this town took all its cues from Paris, I discovered it might also have the ability to subversively inspire a few trends of its own. Yesterday, a bunch of us piled onto a bus (I totally called the backseat) for a tour of the city, and a very chic thing happened when Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Byrdie Bell, and Sophia Hesketh tried to get into the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Because Restoin-Roitfeld was in a scandalously tight pair of leggings, Bell’s long hair was down, and Hesketh dared to expose her legs, all three had to nick their friends’ scarves—which naturally happened to be cashmere and from Vuitton or Burberry—and whip their legs and hair into looks that were both orthodox and surprisingly fashion-forward. That’s them outside the church in their layered glory. So the question is: After slap bracelets, will these ladies bring back the sarong? The more I think about it, the more I realize how appropriate a multitasking, two-in-one scarf skirt is for times like these. What’s more, it being mere days before HBO’s Grey Gardens premieres, there couldn’t be a better tribute to Little Edie, whose odd circumstances encouraged her to make convertible skirts of her own.



Photo: Courtesy of Derek Blasberg