August 22 2014

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8 posts tagged "Stavros Niarchos"

Revel Yell


It’s not over yet, but let’s make it official: 2009 was the year of the party. The recession is just no match for the fashion world’s insatiable appetite for champers, celebrity DJs (hello, Jesus), and so-hot-right-now hotel bars. To document the trend, we pored over our own party pages and thousands more photos on Patrick McMullan. Yes, searching the Web for pics of Stavros Niarchos with his shirt half off is hard work, but somebody had to do it. The list we whittled down after much debate (maybe next year, Courtney Love) represents the tippy top of our most tireless party people—from perennial scenester Karl Lagerfeld to newcomer Shala Monroque. Click for a slideshow of our selects, and let us know if there’s anyone we forgot. To qualify for inclusion in next year’s night owl roundup, please apply at the Standard.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

Blasblog: An Attemped Escape From Obama-rama


This might sound a tad unpatriotic, but last night I was really hoping to do something—if even for a second—that didn’t have anything to do with the inauguration. Not because I’m not as excited about Barack and Michelle as the next guy (Because I am! I love Obama! Remember I’m the one that campaigned for him with a supermodel?), but because it was becoming so oversaturated and commercial that I feared I would lose my own personal excitement about the next four years. That’s why I headed up to 77th Street for the Gagosian Gallery’s opening of a collection of Warhol works from the Sonnabend Collection. (A little history: Ileana Sonnabend was a Warhol contemporary and one of his earliest patrons, and the artist was one of her strongest supporters.) The art talk supplanted discussion of the historic day for a few minutes. Everyone was impressed by so many Jackie O silk screens in one room—which now that I think about it qualifies as tangential political reference—as well as the Calders and Princes on the other floors. And there was a juicy tidbit of gossip going around about the artist who anonymously bought his own work at auction to save face. Continue Reading “Blasblog: An Attemped Escape From Obama-rama” »

Indochine: Hot For The Holidays?


Sure, Indochine’s sultry lighting, tropical decor, and impossibly attractive staff had its heyday in the eighties, but there’s clearly still some allure left in the old girl. Spotted dining there last night, at separate tables: Interview editorial director Fabien Baron with Paris Vogue stylist Ludivine Poiblanc; Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld celebrating his birthday with a big group of friends including Stavros Niarchos, Lily Donaldson, and sister Julia; and artist Tom Sachs with an unidentified friend.

Photo: Courtesy of Indochine