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OpenSky’s The Limit


“Up until six months ago, I thought OpenSky was an airline,” CFDA CEO Steven Kolb admits. For those in the same boat, is actually a new e-commerce site that offers members (sign-up is free and open to anyone) access to a virtual cabinet of celebrity and expert curators. Members to the site choose the experts—spanning fields from fashion to design to food to fitness and including Julianne Moore, Carolyn Murphy, Lori Goldstein, and more—that most appeal to them, and can then shop items said experts curate for the site. Starting tomorrow, you can count the CFDA among them. As part of a new initiative, OpenSky members will be able to buy exclusive accessories from CFDA members including Diane von Furstenberg, House of Waris’ Waris Ahluwalia, Albertus Swanepoel, Selima Optique, and Fallon’s Dana Lorenz.

“We wanted to start with accessories since American accessories are the best and they never get the spotlight they deserve,” Kolb explains. “But ultimately it is the CFDA’s dream to sell something from all 400 CFDA designers.” Until then, designers like Swanepoel, a milliner, are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. “It is amazing exposure for my small brand,” he says. “I do not currently have e-retailers on board, so this is a first for me.” Here, in this exclusive video (above), Swanepoel talks about the four exclusive hats he made for the program.

Prepping A New Class Of Models For Their Runway Debuts


As a new model, how do you prepare for your first-ever New York fashion week? For those eager, lanky teenagers just recently thrown into the fashion vortex, no piece of advice falls on deaf ears. On Wednesday afternoon, New York Model Management, which represents notables like Melissa Tammerijn, Sui He, and Lisanne de Jong, held an orientation for its crop of fresh faces to answer questions about what they should expect in the coming weeks. Panelists including the CFDA’s Steven Kolb, top casting director John Pfeiffer, and street-style photographer Phil Oh commented on everything from the CFDA’s updated health guidelines to ways to stand out using your personal style.

“Who am I? Some 50-year-old coming to talk to all these pretty girls?” Steven Kolb laughed. “But I know about it. Fashion is very seductive, but at its core, it’s a very warmhearted industry. And you should never apologize for being thin or in shape.” Pfieffer, who casts shows like Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, and Prabal Gurung, added, “Always walk around as much as possible. People are looking at you all the time. You never know what casting director or blogger will be around, so you always have to look the part.”

Some of these pointers may sound obvious, but even the non-freshman catawalkers, like 19-year-old Marihenny Rivera-Pasible, found the tips helpful. “I think these types of open conversations are pointing us in the right direction,” said 16-year-old runway novice Amira Ahmed, who just moved from London in time to shoot the new Gap campaign. Keep an eye out for her this season, on the runway and on the street—as the panelists pointed out, she already seems to have personal style figured out and has been popping up on street-style blogs frequently.

Of course, not every girl makes it big on her first outing, à la Daphne Groeneveld. “If it doesn’t work out this season, just keep trying,” Pfeiffer encouraged. “There are so many girls who didn’t make it their first or second season. Or fourth—Daria Werbowy. Or even fifth—Lara Stone.”

Photos: Courtesy of New York Models

New York And London Show Dates Moved


After a lot of negotiating over the international fashion week dates, New York and London have committed to move their dates up for the September 2012 shows.

“There’s no value for the cities to compete. In the spirit of working together, London and New York are in agreement that we will go in the earlier period, but with the hope that the four cities will come out of this confusion and work together to plan future show weeks,” the CFDA’s Steven Kolb tells WWD. “We need to begin to look at the fashion season not as individual fashion weeks, but very much a global business.”

New York fashion week will now be September 6-13 and London fashion week will be September 14-18, followed by Milan shows September 18-25 and Paris on September 25-October 2. They are still looking for a long-term solution that works for all four cities.

Photo: Billy Farrell /

Battle Of The Fashion Weeks Continues


“We can’t move the dates earlier in September as they would interfere with Labor Day,” Steven Kolb said yesterday. “If Milan goes before New York, how would that work?”

That’s the question fashion insiders are asking right now as they sort out the international fashion week calendar for 2012. Since New York decided to start the runway shows after Labor Day next year, the week of September 13, Italians are threatening to move the Milan shows earlier “to satisfy production needs,” WWD reports.

Right now, Italian designers are contemplating three different options: show in July, show before New York fashion week in September, or let Milan and London overlap. They have yet to reach a decision.

Photo: Carly Otness /

Miranda Kerr Unwrapped For Victoria’s Secret Holiday Catalog, Tom Ford’s Morning Ritual, Yachting With Gucci, And More…


It’s not the gift-giving season quite yet, but photographer Russell James was feeling the holiday spirit yesterday when he shared behind-the-scenes images of Miranda Kerr’s Victoria’s Secret catalog shoot. Looks like she forgot her wrapping paper—Kerr is baring lots of skin, wearing nothing but a giant bow and lace lingerie. [@NomadRJ]

Apparently, Tom Ford doesn’t wake up as Tom Ford. In an interview with Hint Magazine, the designer says, “It takes me a long time in the morning to become the person that other people expect me to be. When I feel depressed and I have a bad day or something terrible has happened or I have to face something, I go through a very precise ritual getting dressed in the morning.” The designer let his guard down on a few other things in the interview, too, from his desire to be hit on to what he learned from spending the past two months in Mexico. [Hint]

If you don’t have plans for the weekend, Gucci invites you aboard its yacht. The 33-foot Aquariva, designed by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, will be at Sag Harbor Cove Yacht Club this weekend, available to view by appointment. If you really like the boat, created for Gucci’s 90th anniversary celebration, you can buy it for $750,000. [WWD]

Congratulations to the CFDA’s Steven Kolb. He has served as executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America for the past five years, and he is now the chief executive officer. Of his new positions, he Tweets, “Same job. Same tweets. Just a new title.” [@stevenkolb]

Photo: Russell James