September 1 2014

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Stoker‘s Clothes Tell The Story


Although director Park Chan-wook insists that his latest movie, Stoker, is a fairy tale, the psycho-thriller is as unsettling as they come. The film follows India Stoker (played by Mia Wasikowska), who is coping with her father’s death. Things get weird when her creepy uncle (Matthew Goode) moves in with India and her widowed mother (played by Nicole Kidman) and bodies start piling up.

At last night’s Film Society of Lincoln Center screening, costume designers Bart Mueller and Kurt Swanson provided a glimpse into the particulars of the director’s vision. “Park was very specific with everything,” said Mueller. “Right down to what jewelry Nicole Kidman wore. He really has a keen eye.” The cut of a dress becomes a key storytelling element as characters come of age and come undone. “The clothes do almost as much talking as we do,” said Goode. “But my character is a bit more waspish than me, a bit more sepia. I don’t wear as many mustard-colored jumpers.” Wasikowska says her personal style differs from her character’s look, too. The actress explained that she’s less buttoned-up and less prudish. She also has a blonde bob and wore a wig to achieve India’s gothic long brown tresses.

While Kidman was not in attendance, her colleagues, particularly the costume designers, sang her praises. Said Swanson, “Nicole is a dream to dress. She is literally a mannequin!”

Photos: Matteo Prandoni/