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etro’s milan gallery picks


Etro does not begin and end with paisley. Watching the collection come down the runway is like opening a book full of well-researched chapters on anthroplogy and art. This catwalk mix of artistic and cultural influences, both contemporary and ancient, is not accidental—the Etro family has been collecting art and artifacts for years. “My father started buying things in the 1920′s. Back then he bought Antonio Donghi and de Chirico,” Jacobo Etro, the son in charge of the label’s home collection, told us backstage yesterday. “His hobby inspired me. Today I’m drawn to things that have a timeless feel—objects that may have been created 400 years ago, and yet look contemporary at the same time, like ancient Noh masks. I also love photography; to me it’s the painting of today. I collect pieces from the German and Japanese schools—and never fashion photography. Milan may not be London or New York, but I always keep an eye out. Studio Guenzani and Massimo De Carlo are on the top of my list of Milanese galleries.”

Photo: Jasmine Serrurier