August 22 2014

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Surfing Into Winter


A Sports Illustrated model turned swimsuit designer isn’t the first person you’d expect to be collaborating with Damien Hirst, but truth is stranger than fiction. Tori Praver snared the Y.B.A. for a still-unannounced project, but as for what, keep guessing. “That’s a secret!” Praver said. “I actually can’t talk about it.” What she could talk about was the silent auction she hosted with Arc New York and Barneys last night, with proceeds going to the Surfrider Foundation’s programs to keep beaches and oceans clean. And who should be included on the block but Hirst?

His piece All You Need Is Love Love Love went for $12,900, and naturally was the talk of the night. “I’m completely the underdog here,” New York-based artist Todd DiCiurcio said with a laugh. (Underdog in good company—his pal Ed Westwick was by his side.) “But see, Damien’s is a print and mine’s an original, so that must count somewhat, right?” DiCiurcio’s ink, charcoal, and fabric piece, Into the Frying Pan, a Conversation, was a new work created specifically with surfing in mind.

“Surfrider is about the ocean and growing up in Hawaii. It was always such a big part of my life,” surf buff Praver (left, with Ed Westwick) told supporters, including Petra Nemcova and Barneys’ Julie Gilhart, at the dinner following at The Fat Radish. “I don’t surf, but I love to go to the beach,” Lorenzo Martone said. No gnarly wave stories from his native Brazil? “No, no. That’s exactly it! I’m Brazilian. I like to sun and lay out and just look good on the beach!”

Photo: Bennett Raglin/WireImage