August 27 2014

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14 posts tagged "Susan Sarandon" Talks Taxation With Representation


What does it take to bring LVMH North America CEO Renaud Dutreil, Robert Verdi, and Becka Diamond together? Last night, it was a good cause—a massively good one, in fact. At the launch party for MassiveGood, a new charity with Bill Clinton’s blessing, the idea was that the everywoman and man could make a difference., who has written a campaign song for the organization with South Africa’s Yvonne Chaka Chaka, was on hand to explain. “Let’s say you go on a trip and buy a $500 plane ticket,” the Black Eyed Peas front man explained. “Adding $2 to that isn’t a big deal, but you know it’s going to something good. It’s like getting taxed, only you have a say in where the tax is going.” In this case, it’s going to UNITAID to treat preventable diseases, reduce child mortality, and improve maternal health in the third world.

He’s not the only high-profile star pitching in. Spike Lee directed a short promo, Masterpiece—debuting exclusively on, below—starring Mary J. Blige, Samuel L. Jackson, Susan Sarandon, and Paul Auster. And on Thursday, Clinton will introduce the charity officially to the United Nations by giving the first $2 donation. But Chaka Chaka was hoping for a little musical contribution from the former head of state, too. “You know, I performed for Bill Clinton before,” she mentioned. “I said, ‘Mr. President, now why didn’t you bring your saxophone?’”

Is Chris Benz Thinking Rackets For Resort?


Chris Benz may have thrown his after-party last night at Flatiron Ping-Pong palace SPiN, but the designer himself confessed to having no plans to pick up a paddle. Out in the main pong area, club co-owner Susan Sarandon was watching as players including 30 Rock star Judah Friedlander and Andre Royo of The Wire whizzed balls back and forth across tables, but in the back room, where Benz had set up camp for the night, the vibe was more mellow. “I’m a casual player,” Benz said. “Which is probably overstating it, actually. I grew up playing tennis, so my instinct with Ping-Pong is to whack the ball way over the end of the table. I’m not going to embarrass myself tonight.” Not that Benz wasn’t seizing design inspiration from his surroundings: One of the club’s founders, he said, had shown up with “a Ping-Pong paddle fanny pack-type thing,” which Benz agreed had serious accessory potential. “I’m thinking, Resort,” he deadpanned. “I could do a whole racket sport theme.” Game on.

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Patrick

The Love-ly Homeowner: Courtney Snags Village Pad for Daughter


Turns out Marc Jacobs isn’t the only one who’s been house-hunting in the West Village. At the after-party for last night’s Paramount Pictures and Cinema Society-sponsored screening of The Lovely Bones, Courtney Love told us a new place is on her Christmas list, too—not for herself, but for her daughter. “I’m getting my child a mortgage,” she said. “She split time between New York and L.A. growing up, but she’s a New Yorker. It’s a house in the West Village, which is all she wants in life.” Good to know young Frances Bean can knock on Marc and Lorenzo’s door for the proverbial cup of sugar, but as for Love herself, she’s hitting the road: “I gotta go on tour,” she said. Well, she’ll have a place to crash in New York, at least.

Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon—who plays a whiskey-swigging, chain-smoking grandmother in the film—made a recent real-estate deal herself: The actress is one of the backers of the recently opened SPiN Ping-Pong club, though she’s the first to admit she’s not yet a pro. “I’m not good. I’m more of a propagandist than a player,” the actress admitted. Others have apparently been less modest. “I’d like to see George Clooney play Jamie Foxx, because they both think they’re really good. Ed Norton has also said he’s really good,” Sarandon said with a sly smile. Now there’s a tourney we’d line up to see.


Talking Sex, Drugs, And Older Men At Cinema Society


It was a buzzy evening for the Cinema Society crowd last night—a chance to see Oscar contender pic An Education with rising-star ingenue Carey Mulligan and to check out the new Crosby Street Hotel. There to take in the event, co-hosted by Dior Beauty and Möet & Chandon, were Rachel Roy, Susan Sarandon, Charlotte Ronson, and Agyness Deyn. The film centers on a teenaged Mulligan coming of age in sixties-era suburban London with the help of much older man, played by Peter Sarsgaard. So what was growing up in that era really like? “It was a very empowering time,” said Sarandon, who is Mulligan’s cast mate in the upcoming Wall Street 2. “You felt you could change the course of history, and you did. The music was great, the drugs were great, the sex was great.” Mulligan, however, got a different picture while researching through friends’ parents and her on-set driver. “My driver told me it was dull,” said the 24-year-old Brit. “It was sort of boring as depicted in the film.” Mulligan also relied on secondhand study to portray a love-struck girl in a relationship with a healthy age gap. “I’ve played it very safe,” said Mulligan, who very recently became a tabloid fixture for her budding relationship with another Wall Street 2 co-star, Shia LaBeouf. “It’s mostly because I’ve just never met anyone older. But I think men that are a little bit older is a good thing and I can understand the appeal.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/Patrick McMullan

Blasblog: Is Ping-Pong The New Poker?


A few years ago, when that whole poker trend started to take off, I felt kind of left out. All the men’s magazines were suggesting that the cool thing to do was to sit in basements, chomp on cigars, and play cards. Then suddenly, whenever I couldn’t sleep, I would turn on the TV and the only thing still on would be some fallen celebrity at a VIP Vegas championship. Still, I never knew a full house from a royal flush.

It’s why I was rather excited when I began hearing that Ping-Pong had pushed old poker face off the Trendy Sport du Jour pedestal. Not only do I boast some raw athletic ability (don’t laugh: I was Missouri’s 2000 Scholar Athlete), but I also have the advantage of years of beer pong played as a Midwestern youth. I tested these skills last night at Stuart Weitzman’s first annual Serve to Save Ping-Pong Tournament, which supports ovarian cancer awareness. And I’m just going to say it: I got moves. My partner and eventual competitor Joy Bryant had better moves, though, as she ended up knocking me out of the competition. But her rally didn’t last long. “I’ll go easy on you,” Weitzman himself offered, before he walloped her. Not that it was a fair fight by any means. Who knew that Mr. Weitzman was a serious Ping-Pong-er who even competed in the Jewish Olympics in Israel? I leave you with another fun fact: Susan Sarandon is a major Pongaloonie as well, and even part owner of the club, SPiN, where the tourney took place.