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You read it right. The whole world may be going nuts for twitpics, but this fashion week, we opted for Whitpics, courtesy of Trovata designer John Whitledge. Since he took a season off from showing his collection, Whitledge had a little free time to take in the sights of New York fashion week. We sent him out, camera in hand; below is his photo diary of a week at the shows, the scenes, the parties, and the strip clubs (!) of NYFW, with a few words from the man himself on what he saw there.

“Erin Wasson was channeling a little Slash before her show.” Erin Wasson x RVCA show, ABC Carpet & Home.

“General Idea designer Bumsuk Choi faces the storm outside his showroom.” Soho.

“Kirsten Dunst was embracing a real fashion moment.” Patrik Ervell presentation, Milk Studios.

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A Portrait Of The Oceanographer As A Young Man?


Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to school they go. Swaim and Christina Hutson’s first full collection as creative directors of Generra (where Swaim consulted on last season’s menswear) was inspired, the duo said, by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. But where the Disney dwarves were whiskered, the dudes who tromped through Hiro Ballroom looked years away from their first shave. The collection—like the Generra customer—was young, young, young. The colors were acid-bright, appropriate for a brand whose legacy is Hypercolor, and the emphasis on creating tension between them in single looks brought to mind the brief moments of rave revival that crop up once a decade or so. “Fuzzy rave,” mused Christina backstage after the show, and, yes, there was a softness and an ease to the collection that should help to move some of the wool suiting and slouchy knits. With their knit beanies on their heads and anoraks on their backs, the guys looked a little like young versions of that latter-day beardo, Steve Zissou. It was refreshing—if a little unexpected—to find visions of the scientist in the midst of New York menswear’s militaria moment.
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Photo: Andrew Thomas

Generra’s New Girl


With a name like Harley Viera-Newton, it was only a matter of time before someone set the DJ and girl-about-town on a hog. The moment has arrived. For their first collection as creative directors of Generra (though Swaim consulted on the menswear last season), Swaim and Christina Hutson commissioned photographer and filmmaker KT Auleta to shoot Viera-Newton raring around town on a motorcycle to the sounds of indie band Sleigh Bells. Between Auleta, Viera-Newton, Sleigh Bells, and the Hutsons themselves, it’s enough cool-kid cred to make your head explode—which may explain the video’s colorburst effects. (Well, that, or Generra’s status as the ancestral home of Hypercolor, the eighties color-change fabric.) Does it contain any clues to the label’s upcoming NYFW presentation? Not exactly. “It’s 40 models riding Harleys down the runway!” Christina joked when we checked in with her and her husband at their NYC studio. Next year, maybe. This season, “we’re trying to make it more of a party than a runway,” Swaim said. “And Harley really fits that. It’s not going to be such a serious thing.” The party begins below.

Swaim And Christina Hutson, Back On The Runway In February


After shuttering Obedient Sons & Daughters last January, Swaim Hutson quietly assumed the reins at Generra in time to design the label’s Spring 2010 men’s collection in September. His wife Christina’s project this year was their second child. But here’s good news for fans of the Fashion Fund-nominated duo. They’ve reunited in Generra’s design room to work on both the company’s men’s and women’s lines. Just don’t go to their Fall ’10 show this coming February looking for the masculine/feminine tailoring they made their calling card at Daughters—or for the urban minimalist sensibility of recent Generra collections. The Hutsons tell us their women’s debut will have a “late 1970′s look, with the energy of Fiorucci.” The sketches saw featured fluoro brights, second-skin sweaters (Christina is calling them “suction knits”), and trippy blurred prints taken from the background of the animated movie Snow White. Expect some high-profile competition when you submit your Generra ticket request next month.

Friday Night Lights


On any given Friday night, the corner of 14th Street and Ninth Avenue is going to be a traffic morass. But if the gridlock seemed a little heavier than usual last night, it probably had something to do with all the cabs stopping in front of Abe & Arthur’s, the joint that’s taken over the former Lotus space. Much to the surprise of guests, both Rag & Bone and Charlotte Ronson had booked their after-parties at the venue; the designers themselves only became aware of the overlap the day before. Rag was downstairs, Ronson up, and more than a few fashion VIPs found themselves walking into the wrong party by accident. C’est la vie: Pretty much everyone at both parties was landing at the Jane later, anyway. Erin Wasson had taken over the mezzanine at the hotel for her postshow soirée, but it didn’t take long for that upstairs/downstairs divide to be breached, either. Kirsten Dunst, Camille Bidault-Waddington, André, Humberto Leon, Swaim Hutson, and Kate Mulleavy were among the attendees finding room to mingle wherever they could—per usual this week, the bar was packed to the gills. Wasson herself could be found, at one point, perched on the bar downstairs waiting for a drink like a regular plebe. “I don’t really care if everyone liked the show,” she said of her blowout at the tents, which saw Gang Gang Dance playing, Bruce Willis watching, and models including Freja and Lily Donaldson walking. “All I care about is that everyone felt it.” And with that, Wasson was on to the next thing—most imminently, elbowing her way back upstairs. “Anyway,” she commented, “the show’s in the past now. And I’m all about the future.”

Photo: Hanuk