July 31 2014

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Draw Something: Fashion Illustration Takes the Spotlight


Illustrations by David Downton, Gary Card, Zoe Taylor, and Antonio Lopez

Last night in London, Christie’s South Kensington auction house played host to an exhibition and discussion orchestrated by the Fashion Illustration Gallery (FIG). And while the audience sat through the Issa London-sponsored talk, whose panel included Christie’s Meredith Etherington-Smith, illustrator David Downton (whose work is pictured above, top left), and’s Tim Blanks, they were left wondering: Should astute art investors buy up fashion illustration in the same way the world should have snatched up early Basquiat or Koons? “Before Andy Warhol was Andy Warhol, he was a fashion illustrator,” said Etherington-Smith. “Fifty years ago, the art world debated whether photography was a bona fide art form, and the same is happening now with fashion illustration. I believe there is no doubt fashion illustration is an art, but a vastly underappreciated one.”

The art on display last night represented the old guard like Cecil Beaton, Antonio Lopez (above, bottom left), and Andy Warhol, as well as such new talents as Gary Card (above, top right), Zoë Taylor (above, bottom right), and Tanya Ling. Strange bedfellows? Not according to Downton. “Some of the younger fashion illustrators out there are the most skilled draftsmen,” he said. “They very much should take their place alongside the great artists of days gone.”

Among the questions thrown out to an audience that included Suzy Menkes, Camilla Al Fayed, and Susie Bubble: Will fashion illustration ever be accepted as an art form? And will magazine editors ever replace celebs for illustrations? Downton, perhaps, answered these queries best. “The illustration I did a few years back of Cate Blanchett for Australian Vogue was, against all odds, the fastest-selling issue of the year. It also won the Maggie’s Magazine Cover of the Year. After that, there was no doubt for me that there is a place in the art world for fashion illustration.”

FIG’s exhibition at Christie’s South Kensington runs through December 19.

Illustrations: David Downton, Gary Card, Zoe Taylor, and Antonio Lopez

A Veryta Good Thing


Clothes produced by a nonprofit foundation run by two Italians to benefit schools in India? The sound of it may not pique much interest. That is, until you realize that we are talking about Stefano Pilati and one of his oldest friends, Filippo Binaghi, a fifth-generation fabric manufacturer whose family company Lorma Srl is capable, he says, of coming up with 20 to 30 new fabrics a day. Seeking a way to support education in India, Pilati and Binaghi hit on the idea of hiring illustrator Tanya Ling to design a capsule collection, 10 percent of whose proceeds will go to Ling’s painterly touch—sashes and frills and the nutty feather toe caps on lemon pointy pumps—is realized in her collection, with details that imitate the stroke of her brush. The quirky highlights in the assortment of cute, simple pieces are inspired, she said, by a mixture of school uniforms and Indian saris. The debut was shown late last week with some charm and the donated cooperation of the likes of casting director Russell Marsh and producer Sam Gainsbury at Claridge’s. But the charity angle isn’t merely a marketing tool. According to Binaghi, it’s a sound business strategy that will eventually yield more than just a straightforward donation to the cause. He’s soon headed to Paris for a few days, where he’ll be showing the collection to stores at Le Meurice—and presumably hitting the YSL show.

Photo: Courtesy of Veryta