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Corey Is In the House


When done well, rebranding a fashion label is the equivalent of getting a great haircut—all of a sudden, the world seems so shiny and full of possibilities. Corey Lynn Calter recently gave her 13-year-old eponymous line such a makeover by trimming the name down to ‘Corey.’ Last night, the designer officially celebrated the launch with a presentation of her Fall collection at The Jane Hotel Ballroom. So, other than the name, what’s changed? Not much, according to the designer. Calter clarified that ‘Corey’ isn’t some kind of diffusion project. It’s the same edgy, feminine aesthetic at the same contemporary price point. “Everyone is down to 140 characters or less these days, so I figured, why not shorten up? I love having the freedom to still do what I want,” she told Themed “Smoke & Flowers,” the latest lineup had a decidedly moodier, sexier vibe compared to past seasons, and Calter embraced the dark mood with a heady look book shot by Olivia Malone in New Orleans, which debuts here. “I was thinking about what you would wear if you were in an opium den,” Calter continued. Highlights included a leopard print tunic and matching cigarette pants, louche printed silk pajamas, and vampy lace shift dresses—all of which you could imagine Calter’s doe-eyed muse and collaborator Nora Zehetner, who hosted the event, rocking on her relatively laid-back days. Zehetner was joined by Tennessee Thomas, Shiva Rose, and Advanced Style’s Ilona Smithkin, who all came out to toast Corey.

Corey is available online at, and at other select retailers.

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VERA: Changing the World, One Corset at a Time


Corsets, cell phones, fashion, and microfinance might seem like they’d make for strange bedfellows, but those things are all coming together for a good cause at tonight’s launch event for VERA, a new phone application (created by mobile-intelligence firm Validas) that targets wireless waste (unused minutes and data on your cellular bill) and donates that money to the Seven Bar Foundation—a group that aims to empower women in need around the globe with targeted business investments. Sounds complicated, but basically it’s an innovative way to give back and become a mini-philanthropist, if you will. In the past, Seven Bar has raised funds and awareness for its mission with unique lingerie runway shows. And tonight—at the United Nations, of all places—the organization will be hosting one such extravaganza. “If we’re going to launch this, we’re going to do it in true Seven Bar style,” the foundation’s founder, Renata Black, told

Black and the team behind VERA recruited several fashion designers—Erin Fetherston, Zang Toi, Guy Laroche artistic director Marcel Marongiu, and Sarah Shotton of Agent Provocateur—to create corsets for the occasion. (Mary Alice Stephenson is the master of ceremonies, and Tennessee Thomas, Hannah Bronfman, Kelly Rutherford, and Jennifer Creel are among the expected attendees.) Why corsets? you might ask. “They’re traditionally associated with restriction, but we’ve asked the designers to reimagine them as inner armor for outer empowerment,” Black explained. The designers gave an exclusive sneak peek at the custom corsets that will parade down this evening’s runway. “I’m known for my feminine aesthetic and that comes through in the draped chiffon, embellishments, and sweet bow gathering in the back. It’s romantic and modern,” said Fetherston. Meanwhile, Toi looked to Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture for corset inspiration, and Shotton did a quintessentially Agent Provocateur (read: sexy) take on the undergarment. To top it all off, Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff will give a live performance at tonight’s event. Known to dabble in all forms of film and theatrics, Subkoff will make her own corset on the spot, and promises that the result will be imaginative. Corsets for change—why not?

Photo: Jonathan Alpeyrie

Zac Posen’s Western Adventure


Call it an early birthday party. Just hours shy of ringing in his 29th, Zac Posen took a break from back-to-back sales appointments, a client brunch and trunk show at Neiman’s in Beverly Hills, to hold an impromptu fête and fashion show at Bar Marmont. In between showing off the Spring 2010 collection—applause was especially heavy for look 36—Posen caught up with his L.A.-based friends like Rosson Crow (pictured at left with Posen), the Like’s Tennessee Thomas, and Zoe Saldana, who wore the designer’s sculpted Lily Pad Lotus print dress.

Teen phenom Lily Collins took a spin on the designer’s arm right as L.A. mainstay Anthony Kiedis walked in and headed straight to a table where the motley crew of Fred Durst, David Spade, and Ron Burkle were holding court. Even though Posen was headed straight back to his Tribeca studio over the weekend, he did make time for at least a little pleasure on his business trip out west. When pressed, he finally admitted, “I actually went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the [Grauman’s] Chinese Theater earlier today. I had to see how small Judy Garland’s feet were.”

Photo: Jacqueline Micalizzi for Berliner Studio/BEImages