August 22 2014

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Dragon Tattoo Leaves Its Mark On Stockholm Fashion Week


It was Stockholm’s unlikely style icon Lisbeth Salander, or rather the first actress to bring her to life in the original The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film series, Noomi Rapace (pictured), who kicked off the city’s fashion week Monday morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Rapace attended shows throughout the week, and on Tuesday night, at the just-opened Burberry store, she told us she had just come from the Dagmar show, where Salander was cited as an inspiration (the modernist artist Sigrid Hjerten was the other) for the collection. The three Dagmar sisters are known for their knitwear, but this show brought their label to a new level. For every sweater in a deep plum, there were long silk dresses with high slits secured by zips, and right after the cream chunky Aran knit came a top and track-style pants in a black velvet devoré animal print that made everyone lean forward for a closer look. It appeared again on a dress and alongside the lace-effect knit patterns on a couple of short dresses at the end—Dagmar was the highlight of the day, if not the week. More than one editor placed a personal order after the show—we overheard one of them saying, “I want to be a Dagmar girl” at the end of the presentation.

The rest of the week flew by, perhaps a sign that when casual cool is your brand’s DNA, a full-on show may be a stretch. Then again, you could drive everyone to a hangar space outside the city and show bras on top of cutoff tees (à la Cheap Monday) or throw balloons, confetti, and winking models high-fiving each other on the runway (like Odd Molly), but perhaps that’s not advisable without a heavy dose of Meadham Kirchhoff irony. Jewelry designer Maria Nilsdotter put on a small presentation at the Story hotel for her Swedish folk tale-inspired collection of silver pieces with spikes, and Ida Sjöstedt showed her hand-stitched gowns in the Clock Suite of the Berns Hotel. These more intimate spaces turned out some of the most promising offerings. With that, Stockholm fashion week closed Wednesday night, as temperatures dropped to -13 degrees C (8 degrees F), just in time for everyone to hop over to Copenhagen to begin a new round of shows.

Photo: Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Summerville Brings Salander To H&M


Conditions on location filming The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo weren’t pretty. According to costume designer Trish Summerville, David Fincher shot scenes at night in below-freezing temperatures to get the look he wanted—which left Summerville with the task of keeping Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth Salander not only looking sharp but remaining frostbite-free, too. “To keep Rooney warm, we dressed her in two to three pairs of thermal socks, put foot warmers in her shoes and hand warmers in her pockets,” she recalled. “At one point we just lined her whole ankle to calf with hand warmers in her boots, but it was tough because no one wants to look 40 pounds heavier on screen just because you are trying to stay warm.”

She pulled it off—and while proof is coming December 21 to a multiplex screen near you, it’s arriving this week at H&M as well, where Summerville designed a 30-piece capsule collection modeled on Salander’s on-screen wardrobe. Summerville will be on hand at the H&M Girl With the Dragon Tattoo pop-up shop opening Wednesday in New York’s Meatpacking District, but caught up with the costume designer beforehand to get the inside scoop on her first clothing collection and working with Mara. We also got an exclusive first look inside the pop-up shop (pictured).

H&M’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Pop-Up Shop will be open December 14-16 from 12 p.m. To 10 p.m. daily, at 72 Gansevoort Street, NYC.

How did you translate Rooney’s character’s wardrobe into a fast fashion collection?
We wanted to use the Salander signature pieces. She has several staples, and in doing the film she had between 45 and 50 wardrobe changes—that’s quite a lot. (We filmed from Christmas to Christmas.) Her wardrobe is more function than fashion, so of course we tried to take them up a notch and make them more fashion. With everything, like the long wool overcoat, the combat boots, and the leather boots, it was about cleaning them up, changing the fabrications, and making the aging and dyeing techniques a little cleaner.

What was the most difficult piece to pull off in terms of getting the wash and aging you wanted to achieve for the H&M collection?
Her clothes in the film are pretty dirty. With the combat boots, it took a bit of a process with the distressing. I don’t think they had ever done something like that, and I got to sit on the floor with the shoe guy showing him how everything needed to be. When you take away color, it can come up a different color, so we had to try it several times. We were really excited because they came out perfectly. More importantly, the shoes are really comfortable. I am on my feet from 12 to 20 hours a day and need something really comfortable.

What was your first meeting with Rooney like?
The first time we met was when she came in for one of the readings [before she was cast]. We had six different girls come in and I pulled similar items for each girl and let them dress however they wanted with the clothes so we could see how they put their outfits together. I wanted to see what kind of Salander they would be and then we had several more tests. She is such a trooper and people will be shocked to see how she became Salander and truly transformed. Continue Reading “Summerville Brings Salander To H&M” »