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Tell Tales: In Conversation With Juergen Teller


Juergen Teller, fashion photographer, requires no introduction. But there are less familiar Tellers. Juergen Teller, son. Juergen Teller, forest wanderer. Juergen Teller, escapee from the violin-making industry. Tonight, as he opens his small show, Irene im Wald, at The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Teller shines a bit of light on these hidden facets of himself. Commissioned as a supplement to the next issue of The Journal magazine, Irene im Wald has evolved into the first part of what Teller sees as a four-part series to be shot in the woods near the house in Erlangen, Germany, where he was raised. This first installment features photographs of Teller’s mother, Irene, and written reminiscences that caption some of the shots. The mood is meditative and a far cry from the arresting Marc Jacobs campaign images for which Teller is best known.

Both Teller and The Journal have bigger, showier openings ahead: Next month, The Journal will launch its new 35,000-square-foot space in Williamsburg with a show by Daniel Turner; Teller, for his part, opens his Francesco Bonami-curated show The Girl With the Broken Nose at the Palazzo Reale in Milan on September 20. In the meantime, Teller talks to about sonhood, fatherhood, One Direction, and his lack of anxiety of influence.

I suspect that for a lot of people who know your fashion photography, this show will come as something of a surprise. But do you see Irene im Wald as being of a piece with the rest of your work?
What I do for fashion and what I shoot for myself, I treat it differently, and I also treat it the same. If I’m shooting a campaign, I have to photograph clothes, I have to photograph shoes, handbags, and spectacles. There are commercial needs. I find it difficult to do, honestly, the pre-production. But I think I’m good at it, the fashion stuff. And once I’m shooting, then I’m just shooting. And for me taking a picture is always about a relationship; it’s intimate. So these pictures, they are intimate, too, but in a different way.

What inspired you to shoot your mom in the forest?
I was always drawn toward this forest—I played there as a child. And I’ve always had this urge to do pictures there. But when I tried, it never worked. I was trying too hard, I think. Then I moved to my house in Suffolk, in the country, and there I began to try taking landscape pictures again. And it was better, and that gave me the courage to go back to my mum’s place and take pictures there. So I went, and when I went, well, my mum was quite keen to go out walking with me, and so we were out walking and talking and that’s what happened.

The anecdotes that run with some of the photos—are those the things you were talking about? I mean, those are rather intense memories, like almost having the money your mother sent you in London stolen, when you were young and broke.
No, no. The things my mum and I talked about, they were banal. Like we were talking about my children. Normal things like that. But then when I came home to England and looked at the photos, these other stories came back to me. It’s all a love letter to my mother. She’s getting older. Continue Reading “Tell Tales: In Conversation With Juergen Teller” »

The Jane Hotel Loses A Glass


There was magic in the air at the Jane Hotel last night, as David Blaine and Juergen Teller teamed up to toast the new issue of The Journal. The hosts—and Journal contributors—were joined by Michael Nevin, founder and editor of the Brooklyn-based pub; Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman, who had a hand in planning the event; and Nate Lowman, who was intermittently deejaying. Lowman wasn’t the only art scenester to swing by—Urs Fischer (right, with Teller) popped in, as did Gavin Brown. And model/photographer Christina Kruse showed up, too, fresh off her appearance on the Alexander Wang catwalk on Saturday and just ahead of debuting her new video at the Threeasfour show tonight.

Noting the crowd building around Blaine, Nevin explained that the illusionist does magic almost obsessively. “I’m sure that’s what’s going on,” Nevin said. “I had him and Juergen over for dinner last night, and he was showing us tricks half the time.” Sure enough, Blaine had his pack of cards out and was wowing a circle of party guests with his maneuvers. At one point, he capped off a trick by grabbing a girl’s cocktail, downing it, and then eating the glass. We’re not sure if that counts as magic, but it was something to see. Without watching, exactly. “Is that blood?” the girl asked, aghast. “Probably,” Blaine said, chewing. For his part, Nevin demurred when asked if he knew any magic tricks. “Making magazines,” he deadpanned. “That’s the only one.”

Photo: Marc Dimov / Patrick McMullan

The Secret To The Creative Life? A Diet Rich In (Pumping) Iron


Everyone is in Paris or L.A. right now—except, of course, for everyone who isn’t. And pretty much everyone in the latter category turned up to the Bowery Hotel on Friday night to celebrate the new issue of The Journal. Chloë Sevigny, Chrissie Miller, Nate Lowman, Glenn O’Brien—all still in Manhattan! So are Smile guys Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman, who hosted the fête, and so is Journal founder/editor Michael Nevin (pictured, center, with O’Brien, Gina Nanni, and Mary Nevin), who admits that intercontinental travel would probably put a crimp in his workout routine. “That’s how Terry and I bonded, actually—we both go to the same gym, and we’re both kind of obsessed with it,” Nevin explained at the party, speaking of lensman Terry Richardson, whose work appears in the new issue. “The gym seems like the most un-inspiring place in the world,” Nevin added, “but lately it seems to be the place I get all my inspiration. There’s something about the routine, or working your muscles. It sends fresh blood to brain, I guess.”

Photo: Carrie Schatz/